The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Profess Our Filial Submission to His Holiness, Pope Francis

On the occasion of his elevation to the Supreme Pontificate of the Catholic Church, we, the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, profess our filial submission to Pope Francis.

In this man, who hails from our New World, now rests the fullness of the Apostolic power. Respecting his express wishes, our religious family will ever pray for him to teach, govern, and sanctify God’s Church according to the Will of Its divine Founder, for the Glory of the Holy Trinity, the exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the salvation of the souls entrusted to his universal jurisdiction.

In the words of our Founder, Father Leonard Feeney, also a member of the Society of Jesus,

[The] flesh and blood Vicar of Jesus Christ is none other than the Pope, our Holy Father, a visible head for Christ’s visible Church. He is a man whom we can point to as the visible Vicar on earth of the visible Christ in eternity. He is as pointable-at now in time as Jesus once was when He walked the streets of Jerusalem, followed by Peter and His Apostles.

It is a defined dogma of the Catholic Church that no one can be saved who is not subject to that flesh and blood Vicar of Jesus, the Roman Pontiff.

  • defiant12314

    What do we do Brother If the Holy Father revereses the Benedictine reform of the Liturgy and revokes Summorum Pontificum ? I want to love the Holy Father the same way that I loved his predecessor but our Juventutem conferes in Argentina tell us that he is hostile towards the Mass of Ages.

    Its all right for you in your little corner of New Hampshire with an FSSP Priest to say the old rite for you but what about those of us without easy access to an FSSP Priest who’ll have to go back to a happy clappy, “Gloria – double clap- Gloria” liturgy that ruins any chance of contemplation of the Holy Sacrifice and can even be an occasion of sin due to the liturguical abuses.

    What about Secular Priests who’ll have to go back to the new ‘liturgy of the hours’ after having spent the last 5 years nourishing their souls with the Brevium Romanam, the seminarians who are in love with the Traditional Mass and will never be able to say it? What about the young men who have felt the call to the Priesthood whilst attending the Old rite and unless they are lucky enough to be allowed persue their vocation with the FSSP./ICCRS will be never be able to say it.

    I want to love the Holy Father, truely, but I’m scared that in the name of simplicity he’ll undo everything every member of Una Voce has worked to acheive over the last 6 years, has God played a huge trick on us by first giving us a Pope who worked so hard to aid those who were treated as lepers for nearly 40 years only to then give us one who will treat us with the same contempt or neglect as Paul VI and Bl. John Paul 2nd did?

    I think that I speak for every member of Una Voce when I say that we’re scared that he won’t treat us with the same solicitude that he showed the poor and unchaticized of Beunos Aries

  • Jack: To my mind, this agitation and worry is precipitous. We do not yet know how Pope Francis will govern. It would seem to me quite unlikely for him to reverse the law (Summorum Pontificum is law) enacted by his predecessor. Recall, too, that Pope Benedict made it known that the traditional liturgy had never been suppressed. We have a right to it. That cat — formerly considered a gratuitous claim on the traditionalists’ part — has been let out of the bag.

    It would seem to me to be against evangelical simplicity to force all those young clergy who have grown to love the Mass of tradition, and the breviary and sacramental rites that go with it, to abandon these things.

    Let’s wait to see how Pope Francis will rule when he has had sufficient time to do so.

    Meantime, we keep doing tradition, and praying for the Holy Father.

    By the way, our priest is not a member of the FSSP. Father Phillipson is a diocesan priest.

  • The Philosopher

    Jack and others might find this interesting:!

  • defiant12314

    Now I’m even more worried

  • Paul Vasilak

    Jack, Here is another angle to consider this from. While
    Pope Francis was Archbishop of Buenos Aires he squashed the
    implementation of Summorum Pontificum. It appears that he did not think Rome
    had any business telling him how to govern his diocese (at least liturgically
    speaking). If that’s the case and he is consistent in this attitude then
    perhaps he will leave the liturgical practices in the diocese of his fellow
    Bishops to their discretion.