To See or to Read? That Is the Question, Or Is It Both?

Interesting article. I have a relative who has an exaggerated view about icons, now that he regularly started attending the Byzantine liturgy. For some reason, he is less appreciative of statues as he is of icons. Or, so I’ve been told. I will let this issue slide, as this person and his wife are two of the best Catholic young people I know. Be that as it may, when the Word became Flesh, God became three-dimensional, so Catholic statues (as well as two-dimensional icons) are both blessed as sacred images. On the heresy of Iconoclasm (image breaking), both eastern and western Christians agree as to its implied assault on the Incarnation.

New Liturgical Movement, David Clayton: Here’s a quiz: I am holding a paint brush. I am dipping it in paint. I am applying the paint to the surface so as to manifest a two dimensional picture of an image that is held as an ideal in my imagination. What am I doing?

Answer: painting, right?

Wrong. It’s writing. Read the rest here.