Top Papal Advisor, Cardinal Maradiaga, Accuses Dubia Cardinals of ‘Phariseeism’

1Peter5, Maike Hickson: Several Catholic outlets around the world – including Infovaticana and Chiesa e postconsilio – have reported that Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, coordinator of the pope’s “council of nine“, has made some condescending and disrespectful remarks about the four dubia cardinals. The moderate and characteristically gentle Italian journalist and Vatican specialist Marco Tosatti went so far as to say that the elderly Honduran cardinal and papal adviser “attacked” these faithful cardinals “with great violence”. Full report is here.

  • John S

    This guy is absolutely revolting. How can anyone treat him as anything but an absolute enemy of Jesus Christ?
    Who made him a cardinal?
    This is exactly the church of St. John Paul the Great, is it not? Vermin everywhere! For what should John Paul be named the patron? I think we have a good idea now.

  • Babs Byrne

    Anyone appointed by or supportive of Pope Bergoglio is anathema to good Catholics everywhere. The great Apostasy is here; alive and well , in Rome. God and His Blessed Mother protect us and may the Holy Spirit give us the gift of discernment and courage to fight this evil.