Vatican Cardinal Gives the Reason Why Russia Can’t Be Named in Papal Marian Consecration

Fatima Perspectives, Christopher Ferrara: For years Father Nicholas Gruner has been saying that the reason the Pope failed to mention Russia in the 1984 consecration ceremony is that his advisors told him not to do so, because it would offend the Russian Orthodox and impair Vatican diplomacy. Thus, for the sake of human respect the Vatican has not followed the precise request of Our Lady of Fatima. Read more here.

  • Sacrificing truth for the sake of dialogue… we see that today again as well with all this emphasis being placed on the anniversary of Luther rather than on Our Lady of Fatima (discussed here: ). I wish there was more courage among our leaders, and less fear of offending others like the Orthodox. Sacrificing truth will never bring about unity, only the false unity of the devil. The laity are starting to realize the failures of this “diplomatic” approach, but the clergy, at least those in higher offices, are quite dedicated to non-confrontation of everyone except for traditional Catholics.

  • Intrepid Ape

    Interestingly enough even traditionalist suffer from this “human respect” problem when it comes to every other Catholic group, but “Feeneyites”. They seem to save all their bottled up frustrations for the one group of people they can be safely smug and militantly “Catholic” around.

    It really is funny how quickly they too will turn on a person when they realize someone does not accept that Baptism of Desire is enough to save.

    It’s all very depressing.

  • Babs Byrne

    Father Gruner was persecuted for his honesty. Now he is proved to have been right all along. If God, through His Blessed Mother in Fatima asked for this consecration, it should have been done – no questions, no apologies – just done. As for singling Russia out? Why not? They started the evil of communism; they started the vile practice of abortion. They spread their errors all over the world. Who are these small men with inflated egos to defy the will of God Himself?

  • Babs Byrne

    God preserve us from Catholic leaders who have sold out to Satan. All I can say is that if Our Blessed Lady of Fatima relayed a message directly from God concerning the dedication of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart – there is no choice it must be done! When the Mother of God says “Jump” we say “How high” what we don’t do, is refuse Almighty God and His Mother to their faces. What Pride – what Presumption…….that’s what got Lucifer a one-way ticket to Hell.