Vietnam Vet, Sergeant Samuel Davis, a Story of Incredible Heroism

Tradition, Family and Property: This is the story of Samuel L. Davis who earned the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War. When his 42-man unit was attacked by a 1500 man Vietcong battalion, he refused to give up. After suffering a broken back and perforated kidney, he was not only able to repel the enemy, but carry three men to safety, AT THE SAME TIME. One of the defining moments in his life was the noble way he endured the ungrateful treatment upon his return home. Full account is here.

  • GeneDe

    Brian, thanks for this article… I had to stop several times while I was reading this story to my wife; I just couldn’t continue for a few minutes each time as the tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks…. And believe it or not, there were many parallels in this story that I experienced, though on a much lesser of scale. Even the hell of war can produce true heroism.