What is Going on in Ukraine? [Updated]

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The question, “What is Going on in Ukraine?” is still quite relevant after the revolution there has succeeded in taking power. Therefore, I update this posting with links to some relevant articles on the subject. Readers with thoughts of their own on the issue, or links to well-reasoned articles on the subject, are encouraged to put them in the comment box.

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Original posting on the morning of February 20, 2014:

The question is a serious one. As an American, I do not trust our own government officials,1 who want to impose their agenda on Ukrainians. (Just ask Blessed Emperor Karl about the United States’ bad habit of remapping the rest of the world.) As a Catholic, I sympathize with Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the spiritual Father of the world’s 4.2 million Ukrainian Greek Catholics. (From what I know, the Catholics are generally on the side of the protesters.) Weary of socialist, leftist, secularized, and decadent Western Europe as epitomized in the EU, I also know that Russia — whatever her appearances — is unconsecrated (as per the Virgin of Fatima’s request), unconverted, and therefore still very dangerous.

Can anyone with informed opinions weigh in here, in our comments? Provide links to good commentary, please.

Above all, let us pray for Ukraine, and for the ending of the violence, and for the ending of the schism that separates many of the baptized there from the Holy See of Saint Peter.

Our Lady told us that “war is a punishment for sin.”

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  1. Think Obamacare; the de-Christianization of Iraq and Syria; inflicting abortion, contraception, and homosexual “rights” on poor nations, many of them Catholic, etc.

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