Without the Hispanic Americans US Birthrate Is Alarming

Witness, in this article, the fruit of the contraceptive culture and abortion. Moslems are having lots of children. The only families having normal numbers of children in this country are Hispanic. As it is, the only families that will provide a future for the United States are Hispanic and traditional-minded Catholics (this includes every nationality). The Good Lord will bring good out of the evil of contraception. Thank God for the family-positive Hispanics and for good Catholics of every nationality. Hispanics are still mostly Catholic, although their voting certainly does not reflect that; but it could and should, if only the Hispanic clergy spoke with more gusto. As far as voting, the Hispanics are no different than the Irish and Italian Catholics who vote for pro-abortionist politicians in large percentages. Let us pray that the Hispanics grow stronger in the Faith, and really love Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Pre-Born children, and withstand the anti-Catholic propaganda of the evangelicals and Jehovah Witnesses that exploit their religious sentiment and barrage them with misinformation via tracts and other methods of propaganda, especially from the lips of ex-Catholic victims who have a zeal that is greater than the “children of light.”

The United States has reached a new record-low birth rate, though the number of babies born rose for the first time since 2007.

LifeSiteNews: A new report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that the number of babies born in 2013 surpassed that of 2012 by approximately 4,700. A lead author for the report called it a “very, very, very slight” increase. Read full report here.

  • Gregory

    Spanish speaking immigrants to the US, like Blacks have been targeted by Washington. It’s the old Divide and Conquer. They have been encouraged NOT to learn English, and not to assimilate. This is how politicians control us by creating hatred.

    Discouraging assimilation of immigrants, and learning the common language creates resentment among other Americans. At the same time, the targeted groups is constantly told that they are being discriminated against, and only the all-powerful state can save them. So, they vote for the big-government candidates – who happen to be pro-abortion and advocates of the homosexual lifestyle.

    We all need to welcome these people and encourage them to assimilate and learn English.