54% of Catholic Voters Voted for Obama

I am not sure how this figure was obtained, but it is probably accurate. Catholics have for a long time been the strongest voting bloc in the country –  and that for the Democrats. Bishops who gave strong warning about the grave sin in voting for pro-abortion candidates got a lashing from the likes of Andrew Greeley and Jesuit Thomas Reese, the media’s top go-to boys for “catholic” Catholic bashing.  Maybe, some among these millions of Catholics, who have just added another grave sin to their dark souls, would have thought twice about what they were doing if pro-abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic had been publicly excommunicated by their bishops.

CWN reports: Father Andrew Greeley denounced the ‘most fanatical pro-lifers’ for creating anti-Catholic prejudice: ‘Catholics must strive to persuade others by the depth and power of their commitment to life issues. Ranting at others because they are ‘killing babies’ may be emotionally satisfying, but it doesn’t change people’s minds. Read full commentary here.

4 thoughts on “54% of Catholic Voters Voted for Obama

  1. Dear Mr. Kelly, Who are you to tell us who to vote for. I am opposed to abortion, and have openly said so. Senator McCain, although personally saying he felt that Roe. vs. Wade was wrong gave NO indication during the campaign that he would do anything to overturn that decision. That includes not nominating to the supreme court avowedly pro-life candidates who would or could presumably overturn that decision. The Catholic hierarcy would have the public believe, and especially their adherrents, that by simply overturning that court decision abortion would virtually cease. This is complete folly, as anyone with half a brain and a knowledge of not only recent history but also polls done of ALL American citizens would know. I will publicly say that I feel that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned, and I am disturbed by some of Pres. elect Obamas opinions on this matter. However no one in the Catholic hierarchy seems to want to go beyond that. The question is what happens after the Supreme court decision is overturned. Correct, it goes back to the states where you will undoubtedly find a whole myriad of different laws on the matter, with perhaps only a handful of states totally banning abortion, if even that. I have not broken down every poll done in every state, but nationally even Catholics by a majority support some kind of legalized abortions at least in certain instances. Evangelicals oddly enough are probably the greatest bloc of pro-lifers, however amongst even them at least a significant minority support legalizing abortions in cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. When you throw in the mainline protestants and the un-churched into the mix it becomes apparent that the strict teachings of the Catholic church will not be the law of the land. Imagine that. Like it or not this is a pluralistic society, that never will become any kind of theocracy, and definitely not a Catholic one. Instead of threatening hell-fire and damnation to its adherrents perhaps the Church and its esteemed Bishops would do well to actually work WITH the people who may not share all of the Church’s views but would be willing to work towards helping the president and this government take measures to educate the people, and to increase their willingness to see other alternatives to abortion. We also as a nation, not just as a church need to not only give aid and support to mothers who want to keep their baby, but also to give aid to those mother’s who will probably, in many cases need help after their pro-life decision. I do, as you undoubtedly do, pray for the end of all abortions. Furthermore the Church cannot back down from it’s teachings which clearly state that abortion is wrong. However as I said before if the Church wants to be the effective weapon it wants to be in reducing and someday ending abortions, it cannot do so in the threatening way it has done. The people have spoken, and it obviously does not work.

  2. You may not have noticed, Mr. Wheeler, that Mr. Kelly did not tell anyone whom to vote for. He is simply advancing the elemental notion that to vote for a candidate who has a pro-abortion agenda is sinful. You assumed that Mr. Kelly was promoting John McCain. But the senator from Arizona was not mentioned in the piece at all.

    Mr. Kelly, by the way, is in agreement with a vocal group of our bishops who have made the Catholic teaching on this matter quite explicit in their public statements.

    You speak (naively, it would seem) as if Senator Obama’s pro-abortion stance is an Achilles heel in an otherwise good statesman. That will not do. Barak Obama is enthusiastically pro-abortion, to the point of exceeding Hilary Clinton in that arena. He is also pro-homosexual. His agenda for the nation — anti-life, anti-family — is diametrically opposed to Christian polity.

    It is a mortal sin knowingly to vote for such a candidate.

  3. Dear Brother Andre Marie, There were as you know only two candidates with any viable chance of winning the presidency, and when someone suggests that Catholics in their vote just added “another grave sin to their dark soul” by voting the way they did (54-45 per cent for Obama) it’s rather obvious that that person was not referring to “Mickey Mouse” as the correct candidate to vote for in order to avoid perdition. Just thought you might not have “noticed”. Mr. Kelly is indeed in agreement with that vocal group of bishops you speak of who did speak out against pro-choice candidates, but that did not constitute a majority of bishops in the U.S. That isn’t to say that the other bishops are pro-choice. Far from it, and neither am I. But they did not threaten the laity of the Catholic Church with eternal separation from God by their vote. Furthermore, no one, including the bishops of the United States can say with certainty what will actually happen once a president takes office. In the 35 years since Roe vs. Wade was passed the party that was supposedly “pro-life” has been in power all but 12, and yet the law still stands. Talk is cheap. I am not pleased with Pres.-elect Obama’s views in regard to pro-life issues, and although I feel he was the best candidate for the nation at this time with the most talent to tackle all of the problems we as a nation face, I admit that I could withdraw my support if he does in fact take measures that will increase abortions or to try to force in any way the Church to compromise it’s principles on this moral teaching. I do respect the Church and as I said before in my previous entry I pray for the day when abortions cease. However as I also said before I resent being told how to vote. No one but God knows my conscience and my true intent. Not you or the bishops. It’s interesting to note how as each election year has come around the language and tenor has consistently changed. First, it was that one could vote for a pro-choice candidate as long as they did not vote for that candidate BECAUSE of that position. Then it became that one could vote for a pro-choice candidate so long as they felt there were proportionate reasons for doing so. (i.e. then Cardinal Ratzinger’s 2004 decree). This year that statement was re-iterated by the bishops, with the typical addendum that there could be NO proportionate reasons. My own archbishop said that. It should be noted that the Pope at no time during this election season made any kind of statement that went as far as the vocal bishops of the U.S. I do agree that it could be possible to vote in such a way that you could indeed commit a mortal sin, but that would have to be in the form of a referendum on abortion specifically. The Church in that case would of course have every right and duty to declare such persons de facto excomunicated, and certainly refuse the sacraments to those who openly stated that they supported a pro-abortion vote. I did promise myself [and most importantly God] that I would increase activities in regard to pro-life issues, and will encourage others to do so. I pray for God’s blessing upon us all, and specifically upon our nation. Pax Vobiscum.

  4. Catholic Politicians who support abortion have already excommunicated themselves!
    Hell awaits them unless they repent, and eternity is a long,long time to burn.

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