Table of Contents


Conference Schedule.

Section One: The Man

Robert Hickson and His  Mentor, Josef Pieper, John M. Haas

Robert D. Hickson, Paladin of Truth, Stephen J. Sniegoski

Soldiers of Misfortune, E. Michael Jones

Gaily into the Dark, Christopher Check 

The Catholic Thing and Lost Causes, Gary Potter

The Patriot’s Tale, Charles A. Coulombe 

“These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins,” John Vennari.

On the Occasion of Professor Robert D. Hickson’s 70th Birthday, 

Erika Vögeli and Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller.

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter, Douglas Bersaw. 

Section Two: The Church

A Modest Problem. The Undermining of the Catholic Faith by the 

Corruption of the Culture, Eugene McGuirk 

Savoring Reality. An Introduction to the Childlike Catholic Mind 

of Brother Francis, Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

St. Benedict and the Rule-Giving Office of Fatherhood, William Fahey

Humility and the Great-Souled Man, Peter Chojnowski.. 

Some Reflections on Masonry and its Infiltration into Mainstream 

Catholic Thought and Teaching Today, Hamilton Reed Armstrong

False Ecumenism, Anthony Fraser

Aide-Memoire on Vatican II, Arnaud de Lassus. 

Catholicism Reviewed and Corrected by the 

Synagogue towards the Noachide Religion, Arnaud de Lassus.

Pulchritudo Virtutis, Fr. Bernward Wilhelm Deneke, FSSP.

Holy Troublemakers, Fr. Stefan Frey, FSSPX. 

On Friendship, Thomas Fleming

Cicero, St. Augustine, and the Wisdom

and Eloquence of the Christian Preacher, James M. May

Spanish Carlism: An Introduction, Miguel Ayuso 

The Gift of Faith, Fr. Robert Nortz

Christian Humanism in the 21st Century, James P. Lucier. 

Military Strategy and the Church Militant, David W. Lutz 

Section Three: The World

Feed My Sheep. A Note on the Painting, Danielle Duhau de Bérenx 

The Place of Marshall McLuhan in the Learning of His Times, 

Mark D. Stahlman. 

The Virtues of Strategic Patience, 

Raymond E. Franck 

Where is the Victory? The Consequences of Unjust Wars, Harry Veryser 

The Orwellian Death of the Just War Principle. Humanitarian 

Interventionism, Atrocity Prevention and R2P, Jeffrey Steinberg 

The Jewish Roots of Modernity, Friedrich Romig

The American Civil Liberties Union, John F. McManus

Healthcare in America, or How to Survive 

Obamacare in the Corporocratic World, Frederick J. Nahas. 

Sam Francis, John Reed..

Power and Gnosis, Power without Grace, Maike Hickson 

Appendix: Remembrances and Greetings 

from Colleagues, Friends and Former Students.

List of Contributors with Curriculum Vitae. 

Epilogue: A Man of Sorrows