Reflections on Ireland and Its Current Apostasy

In the following article Dr. O’Donnell mentions the Magdalene Laundries “scandal” as an example of media-generated hatred for the Catholic Church. Well he might! The whole story portrayed in anti-Catholic books and plays is a lie. I refer the reader to Bill Donohue’s lengthy exposition of the case on his Catholic League blog. It is very informative detailing the truth about these asylums for the care of unwed mothers and their babies. But first:

Principles, Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, President of Christendom College: “Is Catholic Ireland Dead?”

During his historic visit to Ireland in 1979, Pope St. John Paul II prophetically warned the 300,000 people gathered in Limerick for Mass:

“Lay people today are called to a strong Christian commitment: to permeate society with the leaven of the Gospel, for Ireland is at a point of decision in her history. The Irish people have to choose today their way forward. What a victory [the Devil] would gain, what a blow he would inflict on the Body of Christ in the world, if he could seduce Irish men and women away from Christ. Now is the time of testing for Ireland.”

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