Cultural Marxism versus the Church

The phenomenon of “cultural Marxism” has generated much commentary in conservative circles in recent years. As a result, more people have now heard of it and its role in spawning “political correctness,” but the larger phenomenon and its origins are not sufficiently known by those who should oppose it. Catholics should be aware of the fact that cultural Marxism is not only explicitly and diametrically opposed to the Church’s faith and morals, but that it has crafted an atmosphere which marginalizes the Church — sending Christ’s Mystical Body over to the sidelines of social questions, where she can only watch society’s degeneration as a virtual helpless spectator.

That the Church seems willing to be this helpless spectator is itself a sign of how far this cultural Marxism, along with other spiritual pathogens, has penetrated even into the very institutions of the Church herself.

In advancing all of this, I am not trafficking in conspiracy theory. Dismissing your opponent’s thesis as a lunatic conspiracy theory — as the cultural Marxists at the SPLC do in this matter — is a facile way of evading the argument. This is especially so when a review of the available facts makes it abundantly clear that the theoreticians and practitioners of cultural Marxism openly stated their aims. One cannot call it a conspiracy when it is done so openly.

In 1918, a man named György Lukács became the minister of culture in the short-lived Communist government of Béla Kun in Hungary. Being of the opinion that Marxist theory could only be implemented where the family unit and sexual morals were broken down, Lukács implemented a bold program of social reform that mandated sex education in schools. The Hungarian people were horrified by this outrage, as well as other aspects of the Kun regime, and this Marxist government of Hungary lasted only about 180 days. Sadly, 1949 would bring a much longer lasting Communist regime to Saint Stephen’s great nation.

In 1923, Lukács showed up for a Marxist study week in Frankfurt, Germany, where he and other Marxist thinkers met to discuss how they might spread Communism. The ultimate result of this meeting was the founding, that same year, of the Institute of Social Research, a well-funded think tank at the University of Frankfurt. The name first proposed, “Institute for Marxism,” was scrapped in favor of the more innocuous title, but the name under which it is best known is “the Frankfurt School.” Fast forward ten years to 1933, when Hitler came to power and the members of the Institute, not only as Marxists, but also as Jews (most of them, anyway), decided that Nazi Germany was not a good place to be. After a brief stay in the Netherlands, the Institute relocated to New York, where it became affiliated with Columbia University in 1934.

To give some concreteness to their villainy, I will present brief thumbnails of three of the Frankfurt School’s main members. But some words about their ideology, aims, and purposes are in order first. To a man, these people hated Western Culture and Christianity, wanting to spread their hatred by a variety of means. These things were, after all, what stood in the way of the progress of Marxism. It has to be remembered that Marxist theory postulated the uprising of the international proletariat against the existing bourgeoisie order. When World War I came and went without such an uprising, and when the workers instead seemed content with the status quo, certain Communists became convinced that the directly economic approach of class warfare, and the violent overthrow of the political organs of the state were bad ideas. They had learned from their failures in Hungary, and they also knew that what “worked” for Russia would not work for the West. So, practicing a strategic patience, they decided to impose Marxism slowly, by undermining the culture, mocking Christianity, unleashing the sexual passions, trivializing the family, attacking the patriarchy, advancing feminism, and uglifying the arts. They would do this via a multifaceted approach in the areas of art, music, literature, education, the media, and entertainment. Their tools were “Critical Theory” (on which more later), practical applications of Freudianism, and an activist spreading of their ideas in the upper and lower echelons of education.

Their ideas very much paralleled those of the Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, who saw Soviet Russia first-hand and noticed how Lenin and then Stalin made the workers hate the new order of things because of the state-sanctioned terror with which it was imposed on the nation. Gramsci, too, wanted to turn people — all people, even the despised bourgeoisie — into Marxists slowly, by undermining their faith and morals, and that by cultural means. He spelled his ideas out in, among other places, his Prison Notebooks, so named because they were penned during his years of incarceration in Mussolini’s Italy. (He died in 1937, after serving eleven years of a twenty-year prison term. Apparently, he reconciled with God before his death.)

Here, then, are quick thumbnails of three Frankfurt School notables.

Max Horkheimer, who headed up the Institute beginning in 1930, married the psychological errors of Sigmund Freud to Marxist political theory. Being a Freudian, Horkheimer’s thought was suffused with the erotic, and his exultation of the sensual is perhaps best illustrated by his lauding the famous pervert, the Marquis de Sade, as the champion of a “higher morality.” Thanks to Horkheimer’s use of Freud, Communists could now explain western man’s blindness to the glories of Marxism as a result of his sexual repression, a condition that could be remedied by hyper-sexualizing American and European society via the arts and entertainment. Around the time of World War II, he spent time, along with Theodor Adorno, in Hollywood, where they would meet with Aldous Huxley and Igor Stravinsky, both radicals in their own right. The Frankfurt School luminaries were very dedicated to spreading the gospel of cultural revolution, and one can only guess at the degree to which this trip to Hollywood contributed to the film industry’s constant output of indecency and blasphemy.

Theodor Adorno was also one of the chief architects, with Horkheimer, of “Critical Theory,” which is a pretentious name for a series of blistering attacks on everything traditional and Christian from a leftist perspective. In the words of William Lind,

What is the theory? To criticize every traditional institution, starting with the family, brutally and unremittingly, in order to bring them down. It wrote a series of “studies in prejudice,” which said that anyone who believes in traditional Western culture is prejudiced, a “racist” or “sexist” or “fascist” — and is also mentally ill.

Adorno also co-authored the book The Authoritarian Personality, concerning which, Pat Buchanan wrote in The Death of the West, “To Adorno, the patriarchal family was the cradle of fascism.” A composer and music critic who understood the power of the avant garde to undermine people’s grounding in Western Culture and tradition, Adorno also engaged in sociology, and sought to explain the rise of fascism and Nazism by a Freudian kind of exploration of the sexually repressed, bullied mind of western man. Calling your enemy crazy is, after all, much easier than meeting him on an equal playing field (remember what we said of the SPLC, above!). Americans, he said, were all ready for a fascist regime because we were so blinded by these forces, including, of course, the repressive institution of the family.

Herbert Marcuse, unlike Horkheimer and Adorno, stayed in the United States after the war, where he became a major figure of the New Left. In 1955, he published the book, Eros and Civilization. According to Tyler Durden,

In the book, Marcuse argued that Western culture was inherently repressive because it gave up happiness for social progress.

The book called for “polymorphous perversity,” a concept crafted by Freud. It posed the idea of sexual pleasure outside the traditional norms. Eros and Civilization would become very influential in shaping the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Marcuse would be the one to answer Horkheimer’s question from the 1930s: Who would replace the working class as the new vanguards of the Marxist revolution?

Marcuse believed that it would be a victim coalition of minorities — blacks, women, and homosexuals.

The social movements of the 1960s — black power, feminism, gay rights, sexual liberation — gave Marcuse a unique vehicle to release cultural Marxist ideas into the mainstream. Railing against all things “establishment,” the Frankfurt School’s ideals caught on like wildfire across American universities.

Marcuse also popularized the work of the Frankfurt School, translating its turgid German philosophical esoterica into more approachable prose, and even popular slogans; “make love, not war” was one of his inventions.

Because the proletariat were not interested a worker’s revolution, the dynamism of the Marxist class struggle had to be removed from the context of bourgeoisie versus proletariat, and applied instead to various other conflicts between oppressor and oppressed, which, via education, entertainment, etc., the cultural revolutionaries would themselves create. Saul Alinsky, Black Lives Matter, homosexual activists, and various other activists and movements, many funded by people like George Soros, have continued this dialectic.

Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School are not the only explanation of our social ills. To say so would be a terrible monism. But the corrosive effect that these particular Marxists have had is one important factor in explaining the desperate state of the world around us.

Which is why we need all the more to treasure what the revolutionaries hate: the monuments of Western Culture, and much more so, the Catholic Church that incubated them.

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Dr. Mattei has something on Rorate Caeli that complements this article nicely:

    And there are some short YouTube videos on cultural Marxism, too:

  • Paul

    De Mattei’s article is one of the best I have read in a long time. This one is very good as well.

  • freeper

    Excellent history, BAM! Our little group of concerned Christians have been learning this history (which was never taught in my 20 years of public and private education!)

    We see the fruits of the Frankfurt School when we compare our society to the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto:

  • MSApis

    Very clearly and concisely explained, with good back-up quotes. The very last sentence hits the nail on the head.

  • Christopher

    Excellent overview. Thank you

  • Frankie

    I feel sorry for you if you think this is an accurate representation of “cultural marxism” or any of the other thinkers or ideas mentioned. You should think about checking out Peer-Reviewed articles. Just go to and type in some of the terms you are interested in learning about.

  • Frankie: Can you identify any factual errors in the piece?

  • Frankie

    Ha – I’m not surprised by this response: It’s so small minded, which is exactly my point. Besides for the irony that someone with a Prefix AND FOUR letters after their name has the audacity to call the title “Critical Theory” pretentious, the issue is not with the facts but the representation.

    If I said: thousands of white, heterosexual, able-bodied christian men died in the Holocaust, would I have stated, as you seem to be preoccupied with, “a factual error?” Of course not; literally millions did. However, would I be missing the entire freakin truth of what the Holocaust is and what we should take from it? Absolutely.

    All I was doing was encouraging those who read this to also read directly the authors of these ideas and the scholarly traditions they created that are extensively analyzed in peer-reviewed journals and researched by the faculties of most of the universities in the world. You wouldn’t be trying to convince your readers not to do their own research, would you?

  • A notable avalanche of opprobrium in response to my question!

    No, I’m not against people doing their research.

    Your scornful, tendentious reply strikes me as an example of critical theory in action.

  • MSApis

    In calm exchange someone asks you to justify you accusations. Your answer is a total non sequitur (which means totally off the point) replete with more unjustified accusations.

    You have thus revealed your true self and your own words condemn you. They demonstrate that you have none of the qualities of a real scholar, but are instead nothing but a self-serving demagogue and sanctimonious boaster, with no respect for truth which is the primary reason for any research.

    You wouldn’t know true research if you fell over it! Shame on you!

  • Son of Paul

    As a Catholic, I will simply comment to say that it is not the role of the Church to get involved in the ever divisive ways of today’s politics that go against the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    It is clear that there are some influences at work but cultural marxism is too similar in name to a term used in Germany leading up to the war.

    I would advise Christians to approach the subject with caution as research has revealed antisemitic material associated with it on some darker corners of the internet.

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Part of the “the ever divisive ways of today’s politics” that you say we should avoid is to call someone who disagrees with you antisemitic. It’s a cheap accusation, more often than not baseless, and in the present context, it is a guilt-by-association tactic.

    Even if there were genuinely antisemitic hateful people who used the term “cultural marxism,” that does not negate its legitimacy. There are genuinely antisemitic hateful people who claim to be Christian. That does not delegitimize Christianity.

    The fact that one cannot use the term without being tarred with the brush of antisemitism reveals more about the cultural marxists and their useful idiots than it does about the people who (correctly) use the term.

  • Son of Paul

    What is cheap as you say is using religion to advance political agendas.

    You are misunderstanding the above comment in using the past tense.

    The antisemitism is clearly visible today with something that looks like a variant of the ZOG conspiracy.

    It somehow associates an assault on culture with Jewish masterminds as was done with Kulturbolschewismus in Nazi Germany.

    Furthermore, this is combined with the display of fascist content and corresponding symbology among some members of the so called alt-right.

    These elements do not correspond with conservative concerns and this conspiracy theory may be designed to convince people to adopt antidemocratic views.

    That is all that can be said and following inspection of other articles on this site it is my guess that you will waive this aside in feigning to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ while choosing the path of hatred.

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Your “past tense” reference is lost on me.

    Cultural Marxism is a reality, and I’m sorry that you don’t see it, but would rather shoot the messenger. And you keep using guilt-by-association tactics.

    I suppose, in lieu of facts or logical argumentation, that’s the best you’ve got.

  • Son of Paul

    You said, I quote, even if there were genuinely antisemitic hateful people who used the term “cultural marxism”.

    This is what I meant by a past tense as in people actually using it as it being used today in an antisemitic context.

    You can see for example the triangle diagram on the link below which features among other things a Star of David with the presentation of some strange caste-like theory.

    This intertwined Star of David and hammer and sickle is identical to that found on this wartime poster.

    Furthermore, the terms cultural marxism and cultural bolshevism used interchangeably on a “smash cultural marxism” blog and on stormfront, a notorious extremist web site.

    So this is factual and there is no guilt by association or association fallacy as you say, with content clearly establishing parallels between “cultural marxism” and “cultural bolshevism”.

    I am a logician myself and will simply repeat the incorrect assumption of proposition C being correct if A and B are valid propositions.

    Certain phenomena associated with “cultural marxism” may very well be taking place, but it does not necessarily mean that the whole or bundle itself is reality, especially as concerned the bizarre focus on a specific religion which appears as an intruder among conservative concerns.

    So, on the contrary, I am proceeding very much logically in having researched this subject and invite you to do the same.

    It may not be possible to establish beyond doubt a direct connection between “cultural marxism” and “cultural bolshevism” due to not knowing when the former was first presented but the duck test says that Christians are advised to proceed with caution when considering the entire of its claims.

  • Prettylady!

    Anyone know about Stravinsky and cultural Marxism or evil? His oedipus Rex is strange. I loved Stravinsky music, but wonder about his philosophy. I know he was r orthodox

  • Prettylady!

    Ugh, you sound like a cultural Marxist.

  • Son of Paul

    I could sound like Christopher Lee and it would change nothing about what has been explained above.

    Perhaps you do not understand the point being made.

    Are you concerned about what is happening today with political correctness, traditions being disrespected with all sorts of destructive trends and behaviours? Because those are real to a certain extent.

    Like you, I came accross a video about cultural Marxism and it seemed plausible.

    But then I realized something was wrong with some of its aspects being too similar to a national socialist narrative designed to convince the German people that they were threatened by communists being headed by Bolshevicks.

    So my question to you is as follows.

    Considering all the undesireable things that are happening today are true, does this automatically mean that you hold hatred for the Jewish as being the masterminds behind it all?

    Because that is what cultural Marxism, and cultural Bolshevism before it, is saying.

  • Prettylady!

    You see, you are using this protected group as the flashpoint of your argument, which is cultural Marxism!. Cultural Marxism is an evil ideology. Whoever is spreading it should be opposed be them Jew or Greek. As far as hatred, indont hate people. I guess it depends on what kind of Jew you are talking about. The ethnic Jew who has converted to the one true faith is my brother. The atheistic secular Jew is to be converted and her lies about god condemned. The Orthodox Jew needs to be converted and his lies opposed.

    Orthodox, meaning Jews who believe that Jesus was not the the messiah, are particularly noxious, not because of their DNA, but because they deny truth and profess a false religion.

  • MSApis

    Given that cultural Marxism is profoundly anti-Catholic in its nature, of course it is the role of the Church to speak out, and to warn the faithful in no uncertain terms.

    As for the epithet “antisemitic”, it has lost much of its credibility. These days it is frequently used to shut someone up, by shaming and imputing unspecified guilt, and consigning them to the lunatic fringe. That does not serve the interests of truth.

    Historically the word first came to be used in Bolshevik Russia, so it has much political baggage.

    Much more could be said, but I will end with this. There are those who say that St John the Evangelist is “antisemitic” and that therefore large parts of his Gospel should be expunged.

    They should be called out for what they are: Haters of Jesus Christ and His Church. They should be resisted and fought against, not facilitated and pandered to.

    O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee!

  • Son of Paul

    This has nothing to do with a group being protected as you say.

    Do you still not understand what is being said here and not perceive the leaps in reasoning here and there?

    According to cultural marxism, there is significance to be seen in the people at the frankfurt school being jewish and you can do a quick search now through this link to see all the disturbing imagery associated with that narrative.

    In the context of cultural bolshevism, it made sense in the national socialist ideology to associate an attack on culture with jewish people as they were used as scapegoats and considered as being behind the emergence of russian communism.

    So, when you hear the term cultural marxism, do you automatically consider that this attack on culture is done in the name of jewish communism?

  • Son of Paul

    My question to you is this.

    Do you believe that cultural marxism as a whole exists?

    I am not talking about all the undesireable things visible to the eye that are happening but the claim being made that cultural marxism is a jewish communist plot.

    In this case, you should be aware that it sounds awfully similar to the narrative held by national socialists which used the terms cultural bolshevism and jewish bolshevism to stir up hatred.

    In passing, do please leave Saint John out of this as it is not appropriate to sully the writings of the Bible for the sake of putting some point accross.

  • Prettylady!

    Look, I have just begun to study the international conspiracies agains the Kingdom of Christ, in his Catholic Church. So I can’t make any completely informed decisions.

    But is it impossible, that Jews, persistent in their apostasy against the one true faith, indeed the race that murdered God, conspired and continue to conspire against the Church that Jesus founded?? No. Its not impossible. How is that even far fetched?

    I am open to learning more about Jewish conspiracies. Not because of their dna, again, but because of evidence.

    And we must distinguish between the race and the philosophy. Even if they correspond….

    I’m also so sick of tip toeing around all these ridiculous groups, blacks jews gays hispanics, women. Uhg, its exhausting….

    Jews are not beyond repute just because they have experience persecution. I’m part Ukrainian, and my people were persecuted, but many of them are vile schismatics, hell bound. I’m not afraid to call my people reprobates if they deny the roman pontiff as the supreme monarch of the world!

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    You claim to be using just logic. But you’re all bogged down in the guilt-by-association method.

    The whole question is really quite simple. The individuals in question, prescinding from their religious views or their ethnic origins, were MARXISTS — and admittedly so. They wanted to spread Marxist ideology not by the conventional Soviet-style violent revolution, but by CULTURAL means. That is a fact. That is easily established by their own writings.

    In light of all that, it’s pretty hard to dismiss the “Cultural Marxism” label, unless you resort to the typically Cultural Marxist (and liberal) technique of saying, you sound just like so-and-so; he’s a such-and-such; therefore, your a such-and-such, too! That’s not logic; it’s playground rhetoric.

    And it does not matter how cruddy, bigoted, or mean-spirited some of their adversaries are. That does not change the facts. The fact that the Nazis hated Soviet Communists and the Soviets hated the Nazis does not make either of them good. They are both rotten on their own merits. They also both really existed. Ditto for Cultural Marxism. It exists and it’s rotten — even if some of its critics are also rotten on their own merits.

    I’m not going to get caught in a false dialectic.

    Gramsci, by the way, who was an apostate Catholic who returned to the Faith on his deathbed was just as much a Cultural Marxist as the Askenazi folks in question. Is one an anti-semite for calling an Italian a “Cultural Marxist”? Or am I now instead an anti-Italian?

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    I just realized that the response I posted a few minutes ago should have gone here, not in response to your earlier comment. See:

  • Son of Paul

    If the actions of these groups have a negative impact on your personal life then simply speak out as there’s no reason why you should have to put up with it if you aren’t bringing any harm to them.

    As for jewish people, I’m not actually defending them and only know one or two.

    There are various conspiracy theories going back to medieval times that do not always hold up the scrutiny.

    As is concerned Christians, there used to and might still be ressentment about the death of Jesus Christ, although it was Pontius Pilate who reluctantly took the decision.

    Aside from that, there are theories about a plot to take control of the world with the freemasons, the control of banking and governments, and accusations of usury.

    Usury in particular, as meaning interest fees, was condemned by Christians and there is a lot of resentment because of the world being heavily in debt to the tune of more then two hundred trillion dollars.

    Here is a video that appears to summarize what the core of the issue is.

  • Son of Paul

    On the contrary, I am being logical by avoiding saying something is absolutely true or false when unknowns are involved.

    To hop from one conclusion to another despite an unknown is a logical leap and can break the string or reasoning that establishes something as fact beyond doubt.

    So, I agree with you that abductive reasoning (aka the duck test) does not guarantee the conclusion unlike deductive reasoning.

    However, it is my duty as an amateur historian to underline certain parallels to be considered as a valid reason to exercice caution.

    This is different from the “you sound just like so-and-so” rhetoric of which an example can be found on a comment below objecting to comments on the grounds that the argumentation put forward sounded like that of a cultural marxist.

    Since you have brought up the subject of association fallacies, have you held the narrative of cultural marxism up to scrunity?

    For example, do you have verifiable excerpts establishing that the people in the frankfurt school were marxists in the anticapitalist sense and they explicitely expressed the choice to achieve a revolution through the cultural medium?

    Beyond that, when you say it does not matter how cruddy, bigoted, or mean-spirited some of their adversaries are, is it your view that the national socialists had genuine cause for concern and that you consider that soviet communism and the revolution leading to the fall of the tsar came about through a jewish initiative?

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Due to time constraints, I cannot cite for you chapter and verse from the Cultural Marxists themselves. I refer you to two sites which have much material on them: has entries on some of the individual theorists (e.g., Adorno: )

    And, believe it or not, Wikipedia, which explicitly speaks of the Frankfurt school members as Marxists:

    It’s not only anti-communist Christians like myself who make these claims about them. Marxist ideologues and the multiple editors of the Wikipedia article do, too.

  • Son of Paul

    I will research to see what this Theodor Adorno did.

    As for the Wikipedia article, it has a section titled Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory which says the following.

    “Professor and Oxford Fellow Matthew Feldman has traced the terminology back to the pre-war German concept of Cultural Bolshevism locating it as part of the degeneration theory that aided in Hitler’s rise to power.”

    There is also this article by the Christian reconstructionist theorist Gary North.

  • SpfldJimbo1

    One giant omission in analyzing Marxism, and its battle against Western Civilization and Catholicism,is the acknowledgment of Marxisms “Fifth Column”. The present Pope.

  • Airborne

    I would advise Christians to approach the subject with caution as research has revealed antisemitic material associated with it on some darker corners of the internet.
    That was extremely LAME, when these people are attacking Israel. You can’t see the forest from the TREES.

    Breitbart shows us what Israel has to suffer daily. Meanwhile the Marxist teams up with Palestinians who want to kill all ZIONIST.

    You bought what they were selling.

  • Son of Paul

    You may interpret the quote above as being “lame” and “buying” something.

    However, results for cultural marxism on clearly show pictures containing a racial stereotype.

    It is not clear how this is helping Israel and Jewish people as a whole.

  • Airborne

    Andrew Breitbart was raised Jewish; his adoptive mother had converted to Judaism when marrying his adoptive father.
    He wrote books on Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism wants the destruction of the West and they are using Islam to help that along. They are anti-Israel. It is a lie to say that cultural marxism is Jewish ONLY. Most Marxist were atheist.
    Many Jewish people have tried to warn us about Cultural Marxism.

  • Son of Paul
  • Airborne

    Sounds like a Palestinian put that together. The Frankfurt School did exist and social engineering ( Critical Thinking) is real. However, they were mostly ATHEIST.

    Hillary and Obama are NOT Jewish. Marxist are NOT Zionist. Do you remember Winston Churchill writeup after WW2 “Zionism versus Bolshevism” (A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People). It is NOT fair to target Jews. Many Christians were socialist as well, and were part of the communist movement.

    Andrew Breitbart was Jewish and he started a movement that opened our eyes. Pamela Geller is Jewish and she has tried everything to get us to see the light.

    Christians and Jews must come together because the Marxist want us both destroyed and they will use Islam to do it.

  • Son of Paul
  • Son of Paul

    “This footage shows Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister for propaganda and public education, speaking at the September 1935 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. In the speech, Goebbels–a fanatic antisemite–linked Bolshevism with international Jewry and warned Nazi party members of an alleged international Jewish conspiracy to destroy western civilization. Goebbels led the purge of Jewish and other so-called “un-German” influences from the cultural institutions of Nazi Germany.”

  • Son of Paul

    The following footage may further interest you.

    Joseph Goebbels, minister for propaganda, claimed there was a link between Bolshevism and Jews involved in an conspiracy to destroy western civilization.

  • This guilt-by-association tactic is getting extremely tiresome, Son of Paul. You may as well call everyone that makes an unfavorable reference to the phenomenon of Cultural Marxism a vicious Nazi.

    There are many leftie-liberal, pro-abort, pro-sodomite, anti-Catholic, etc., etc., sites that equate using the term Cultural Marxism with anti-semitism (SPLC for one). Someone could easily turn the tables on you and call you a leftie-liberal, pro-abort, pro-sodomite, anti-Catholic, etc., etc., for agreeing with them.

    But that would be a waste of time, and would be just as facile an argument as yours have been.

    You don’t want to discuss the issues.

    You want to call names and put equal signs where they don’t belong.

  • MSApis

    To get a more balanced perspective, here is what Jews themselves have to say.,7340,L-3342999,00.html
    “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.”
    “Jews played a prominent role in the Communist Party from its inception.”

    Then look up the bio of Lazar Kaganovich, an extremely cruel man, who orchestrated the Holodomor Genocide in Ukraine. He was Jewish.

    Here is what Ukrainians have to say about the Holodomor.

    So, what do you think, Son of Paul? The Ukrainians knew that Kaganovich was Jewish. How could they not know? And now maybe they should shut up about what was done to them and who did it? Or should they say that it was all OK? And go along with the despicable journalist Duranty of the New York Times, who falsified reports about Ukraine – denying the brutality that was going on there – and received a Pulitzer Prize for his efforts?

    Ukraine was not an isolated case. In other countries the deportations to Siberia were organised by men who were Jewish. Of course it was known. People aren’t stupid. So now those countries should pretend that it didn’t happen?

    No, it’s not OK. Thousands of innocent, decent and honest Christian people had their lives destroyed. They were persecuted, tortured and put to death by those who hated Christ and His Church. No, it’s not OK for the Church and other Christians to look the other way and fail to tell the truth.

  • So, in other words, Cultural Marxism can’t be real because Joseph Goebbels spoke of something that sounded vaguely like it?

    And Karl Marx spoke of workers being treated badly. I guess the fact that several popes took up this same issue makes those Vicars of Christ Communists, right?

    That’s about the quality of your argument agains the reality of Cultural Marxism.

  • Son of Paul

    Brother André-Marie and MSApis,

    I care not for the spiteful games political groups play between themselves and will say things when they need to be said.

    You are speaking out of reason, are you not? You wish to put forward the truth, do you not?

    While the visible part of “cultural marxism” exists, why is it difficult for you to even consider that the theory itself has origins in the early 20th century?

    According to William Sturgiss Lind, cultural marxism started in 1919 and the Frankfurt School fled when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933.

    You have viewed the video where Joseph Goebbels says that, I quote, a “Bolshevism is the declaration of war by Jewish-led international subhumans against culture itself”.

    You have been presented with recent sources about cultural marxism that also use the word bolshevism which is hardly used these days.

    You have recognized content depicting racial stereotypes and distinguish between good and bad Jews despite the same content and the authors of comments elsewhere on the internet marking no such distinction.

    Perhaps you have some reasonable explanation as to why the very same combination of Star of David and communist symbol can be found on both a wiki site and a German wartime poster.

    Not that I am particularly concerned about this since I know very few Jewish people but they do tend to be made into scapegoats.

    You have been shown a source hinting at third position ideology as in opposing both communism and capitalism which is peculiar in the context of modern two-sided politics.

    So, there may be no way of establishing German kulturbolshewismus as having inspired then cultural marxism theory but the similarities are more then striking.

    Despite all of what has been presented to you, you seem to assume that questionning the theory is to cast doubt on the negative trends you can observe.

    Of course, you can say that there is a plot going on and add that it’s unfortunate that this legitimate concern was picked up by the Nazi party.

    There is one major difference between “cultural marxism” as in what can be observed and the theory of the same name. It is a call for preemptive action.

    Thus, if your wish is not to defend Christianity but go beyond that to seek conflict one can only invite you to consult the Bible.

  • Son of Paul

    Brother André Marie,

    That is not the point. You ask for facts do you not?

    Let us start off by saying that the visible phenomena attributed to cultural marxism are real.

    Does this necessarily mean that what you have learnt beyond that is grounded in reality?

    It is fact that cultural Bolshevism (Kulturbolshewismus) is a term whose usage in literature goes back to around 1930.

    It is fact that the use of Jewish Bolshevism (Jüdischer Bolschewismus) goes back to around 1920.

    It is fact that William Sturgiss Lind claimed that cultural Marxism started in 1919.

    It is fact that there is more then a vague similarity between the narrative explaining cultural marxism and cultural/Jewish Bolshevism, including a secretive attempt to bring down European culture.

    Now, one could say that there has been a legitimate concern since the early 1900s.

    That leaves the question of what you, Brother André Marie, suggest should be done about it?

    As for Popes speaking of workers, this does not make them communist as they explicitely condemned communism while also cautioning about unrestricted capitalism.

    Pope Leo XIII issued Rerum novarum with the goal of addressing the misery of the working class, giving rise to Christian democracy, and Quadragesimo anno was a call by Pope Pius XI in 1931 for greater solidarity and subsidiarity.

  • MSApis

    My, you are protesting so much! Instead of resorting to name-calling and convoluted tirades, perhaps you should take a deep breath, say a little prayer
    – even have a cup of tea – and then calmly reflect on the facts that have been presented to you.

    God bless.

  • Son of Paul


    You can point out where you have been called a name aside from that which is assumed.

    Of course I am protesting as the narrative we are speaking of here is inciting conflict and violence.

    You think I am mindlessly casting you as suppoters of a vicious ideology?

    Have you been to the cemetaries along the Normandy coast to see that were Christians on both sides and realize what terrible and avoidable tragedy the war was?

    Do you honestly want to the seeds of hatred be sowed and risk something like it happening again?

    The West is indeed in decline and overburdened with a debt that is impossible to pay back as was the case in the 1930s.

    There are behaviours which are a threat to the essential morals and traditions which have kept civilisation going.

    So this is the work of marxists. Where does one find these people advocating such things? And what do you say Christians should do?

  • Ate Traxx

    @SonOfPaul:disqus I just want to tell you, I am impressed with your research and due diligence. I’ve been researching cultural Marxism and your words are a breath of fresh air. Most everything i have researched is skewed to one side of the political spectrum. You have laid out the most intelligent fact based research I have seen on the internet. People are too quick to grab on to an idea that conveniently relieves them of dealing with real world problems. Buying into cultural Marxism dismisses some of the greatest issues in the world today.

    Anyways, I just want to thank you for laying out your research here. I am actually appalled to see a piece promoting cultural Marxism as an undeniable fact on Truth is, the cultural Marxism IS a theory and there are many many holes in it. To blindly believe it is very dangerous and dismisses actual real world issues.