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Two Gentlemen from Sussex

On the face of it, there could no more different people in terms of politics and religion than Hilaire Belloc and Rudyard Kipling. Belloc, as one half of the notorious “Chesterbelloc” was one of the most powerful apologists for Catholicism … Continue reading

Farewell Summer!

August is the last month of Summer, and I must admit that I have always had a love/hate relationship with the hottest season. When I was a boy, it meant liberation from school, and that was always welcome. Latterly, it … Continue reading

An Act of State Terrorism 

August 9, 2023 is the 78th anniversary of the destruction of the oldest, largest and most historic Catholic community in Japan, that of the Urakami District of Nagasaki, whose Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception lay 1,650 feet beneath the airburst … Continue reading

Insanity at Marquette

The following is a Catholic Action League of Massachusetts press statement… Mr. Lonnie Brennan, Publisher of the Boston Broadside, contacted the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts seeking a comment about the decision of Marquette University in Wisconsin to offer, for a fee, “Gender Affirming Voice Therapy” … Continue reading

July Pilgrimages

Once Independence Day comes and goes, July stretches forward into seeming infinity. If you have the time and the money, it is a perfect month to take a road trip and see something of the United States, Canada, or whatever … Continue reading

Bless God at All Times!

The following is the speech I gave at IHM School’s graduation yesterday. Readers should know that our school in rural southern New Hampshire is very small. We had one graduates this year (we had three last year!).  HERE we are once more in the month of … Continue reading