Catholic Alternative to Boy Scouts of America

Interested persons might look into the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE). They are affiliated with the Catholic FSE or UIGSE (Union of International Guides and Scouts of Europe). This is a Catholic youth movement. The main page for the movement in North America is; the page in New Jersey — the first group in the USA, and affiliated with a thriving traditional Mass center — is at

They also have a facebook page at

Any further questions can be directed to akela [at]

We here at Saint Benedict Center are looking into it for our troop, currently a BSA troop, but, as yet, know little about it.

  • Victor Savritski

    It’s very good to know – especially for parents – there is a beautiful option for boys and girls to learn to live the life of Catholic Faith

  • Gary
  • Crusader00

    I hope all works out and the Center’s troop can join the FSE. They look great! The Boy Scouts cannot, and should not, survive after capitulating to the sodomite lobby.

  • I was just informed of another option, via Facebook:

    Hello Brother Andre,

    This is John Bradford of Wilderness Outreach. We are a Roman Catholic Lay Apostolate that challenges priests, seminarians and laymen to discover and develop their God given manhood and find their true calling. We have been developing a program for boys ages 11-17 and though having some similarities with the original scouting program, is much more. Our program will be authentically Roman Catholic, for boys only, and at each stage of development, the young men will be challenged physically, intellectually and spiritually, helping them to discover their manhood and calling, in the tradition of Wilderness Outreach.

    If you would like to know more about our program please contact me, and keep up the good work.

    John Bradford
    Wilderness Outreach
    151 E. Walnut St.
    Lancaster, Ohio 43130


    john [at] wildernessoutreach [dot] net

  • RoodAwakening

    In all the online discussion about Catholic alternatives to BSA, I haven’t seen anyone mention Pilgrims of the Holy Family, a program which enables a family, or group of families, to be a self-sufficient, co-ed “troop”: The program is certainly easily adaptable for use in all-boys or all-girls contexts, too.