Fr. Michael Rodriguez Defends the Moral Law on TV

Father Michael Rodriquez, who has been mentioned on this site before, was recently featured on a local television program in El Paso, Texas. The issue under discussion was Church teaching on Homosexuality. You can see the video here. Notice, if you watch it, how this priest keeps the discussion on the issues of truth, salvation, reason, revelation, the authority of the Church (which he distinguishes sharply from mere opinion) and objective reality. He also maintains a great amount of priestly dignity and does not attempt to apologize for his truth telling. Viva Padre Rodriquez!

  • Mary

    Fr. Rodriguez is our jewel here in El Paso. He is a true Holy Priest who wants only salvation of souls.

    My God take care of him.

  • Wow! What a holy, courageous priest! He is not concerned about appearance or public opinion in this life, but rather on salvation and eternal life in the next. We need more priests like him who are willing to suffer white martydom each day to defend the Truth. Let us pray that God will continue to bless the work of this holy priest!

  • TIM

    Fr. Rodriguez is, predictably, rebuked by his bishop.

  • Warren

    Congratulations to Fr. Michael. We need more priests, Brothers, Sisters and laity to start speaking the truth of our faith openly.

  • Joseph R Yungk

    is there a reason people are not pointing out that Fr. Rodriguez is using terminology such as “putrid” and “stench” when discussing gays?

    Is that really treating homosexuals with dignity and respect as stated by the catholic church?

  • Joseph: Can you provide exact quotes? I’ve seen Fr. Rodriguez speak, and I’ve never heard him call people such names. Perhaps he is referring to the “putrid” nature of sodomy, or the “stench” of sin? This, of course, would be mild compared to the Scriptural condemnations of such sins.

  • Joseph R Yungk

    You can read the various ads here:
    You will see that particular quotes in the various (4) articles by clicking the date at the top and clicking on the icons on the left.

    Nobody deserves to be told they have a “stench of immorality” and you can see this on “ unless of course you really think that anybody deserves this for wanting love.

  • Joseph: The ads were apparently taken down, so I could not see them. I will assume that you have taken the words out of context. Most of Fathers enemies seem to be less than honest in their treatment of him.

    I did see this piece, on the El Paso Times web site. Despite Father’s candor, his tone is very placid:

    By the way, Saint Catherine of Sienna told the pope that she could smell the “stench of sin” on the papal court. She was right. Sin stinks.

    Finally to speak of the lust to commit unnatural acts of sexual immorality as “wanting love” is pushing the limits of the English language over the edge.

  • Joseph R Yungk

    “I will assume that you have taken the words out of context.”

    well there you go. Making irrational assumptions leads me to my own conclusions.
    Stench and putrid are not “respect[ful] in any way. If you have not read them you really can’t defend it rationally either.
    But do remember, if one really feels it’s a preserved right to be able to call others “putrid”, one should be able to handle others speaking out against it.
    Freedom of religion and speech is a two way street. But that you rationalize this as “Christian” and the bishop has not placed someone on leave is questionable. The priest used his parish, diocese, title and position to essentially slur a group of people in a way inconsistent with catholic teaching on the dignity and respect of homosexuals.
    This is not helping the catholic image. Look at the polls. I see rage amongst you. But I see rage against the view that homosexuals are inherently and morally disordered deserving of Rodriguez’ verbiage. Can you imagine growing up hearing the hate this belief directly inspires?
    And now it is just not accepted as a moral standard to call other not like you as “putrid”. At least not any more. So be prepared for others to question you–remember: two way street.

  • Carl Larsen

    I have a strong feeling that Fr. Rodriguez is a living saint. I used to attend Mass at San Juan Batista in El Paso when he was there.
    Everything he says is out of authentic Catholic/Christian charity. He only wants to lead souls to Heaven.
    I credit him for his roll in helping me to stay Catholic back then. Because of him, I grew in authentic Catholic faith.

    God Bless him.

  • Daniel Leveille

    I am surprised that ANY mass media outlet allowed a man as obviously Catholic as Father Michael Rodriguez a venue to speak the truth about The Faith, objective truth and the moral law. A mistake on the part of the editor, perhaps?

    Pax Christi