This Intelligent African Lady, a Catholic, Puts Many European and American Clergy to Shame

Obianuju Ekeocha‏ is an intelligent Catholic African lady who opposes the progressivist zeitgeist on sexual immorality.

Encourage your liberal American friends to read the tweets below and watch them flee to their safe spaces as preconditioned victim status claims clash with self-interested hedonist ideology.

Uju shows that people like Cardinal Kasper and Father James Martin are not faithful to Christ — unlike her people, who had to give up polygamy to embrace the Church’s teachings. Speaking of Father Martin, tweet number eight below is a subtle yet clear reference to that Jesuit’s bridge-to-nowhere tractate that now has Cardinal against Cardinal.

And look at who the good Cardinal is. An African. (Is it too late to say, “trigger alert”?)

A verse is going in my head: Nigra sum, sed formosa, filiæ Jerusalem.

Read it and cheer: