Pro-Father Feeney Blogs

More pro-Father Feeney and pro-extra ecclesiam nulla salus blogs are showing up on the Internet. I have recently been made aware of three of them, and noticed that they have some excellent postings and links. Regular readers know that it is our Crusade (the word is a deliberate one) to spread knowledge of this important dogma, and to work for the conversion of America to the Catholic Faith. We neither claim nor desire a monopoly on these goals of our Crusade. So, I’m happy to point out the three blogs I’ve recently come across:

The identity of these bloggers is unknown to me, which is a sign — and a good one — that the doctrinal battle that is much larger than our group here in Richmond, and has many footsoldiers fighting on a multitude of fronts.

The above blogs are in addition to the websites of the various religious houses associated with Father Feeney. Besides our own, this category would include:

I have not deliberately ommitted any blogs or sites from this list. Readers are most welcome to add their own favorite pro-Father Feeney sites to this posting via the comments, below.

  • Gary Velder

    What a great sign of progress, that is, to see others bring into the public spotlight, the dogma with great references in their discussions! These are exciting times we are now living! I believe Father Feeney would be excited, too.

  • ED

    I’m glad that people are beginning to see that giving respect to MAN-MADE Churches is undermining willingly or unwillingly the only Church GOD(JESUS) set up. Thats as foolish as me buying a piece of real estate in Russia and saying its the United States, thats how ridiculous it is to believe these churches and sects are more than frauds and imposters and guess who is behind them flourishing around the whole. I’ll give you a hint he starts with S…..and ends with N.

  • Brian Kelly

    Let me give a “ditto” to Gary Velder. The truth must triumph in the end. Gary, did you see this

  • William Vladamirski

    I think you should check this site out :

  • RashaLampa

    Catholic Bishop of Juarez Mexico sends “Thank You” to Saint Benedict Center and Zenit reports on it!

  • RashaLampa

    Wheat For Paradise Blog (They accept EENS)

  • I’d just like to add Pascendi’s Catholic Forum to the hopefully growing list. Some of our registered members are Third Order Slaves, as well. Please stop on by!