Saint Linda (595)

Saint Linda (Ermelinda) was a Belgian girl who lived as a solitary, dedicating her whole life to God alone.

  • Barrie Rodgers

    My daughter would is being confirmed soon and would like to use St Linda as her confirmation name, can anyone provide any more information on Saint Linda?

  • Jess

    I’m getting confirmed soon, too.
    I’m either using the name Linda, Leigh, Anne, or Jessylyn.
    I will find out what it means, and post it.
    (I found this site BECAUSE I was looking up “Saint Linda means…”)

  • Jess

    I found it!
    I looked into Wikepedia!
    “The name might be derived from the same root as the linden tree, from Germanic lind meaning “soft, tender” ultimately from a Celtic root. The image of the tree is used to indicate a gentle personality.
    It may also come from the neo Latin language (Italian, Spanish or Portuguese) word linda, which is the feminine form of lindo, meaning “beautiful, pretty, cute” or “cleaned” (Italian).”
    So, Linda means:Soft, tender; beautiful, pretty, cute, cleaned.
    Hope it helped!

  • paco del burro

    she is awesome…..thats all

  • Chick-a-dee

    What did St Linda do in life on earth?