Sandra Fluke and Barbara Johnson: Two Peas in a Pod

Recently, two activists for sexual depravity have become media darlings. In both cases the Catholic Church was involved. In both cases the activist was professedly opposed to Catholic teaching and worked to advance a contrary agenda. In both cases they were portrayed by the media as victims. In both cases, their actual history as activists for their perverse causes is showing that they are not the innocent victims they make themselves appear to be, but provocateurs.

The Daily Caller has a rap sheet on Sandra Fluke, an Alinsky-syle activist with a “long history of feminist advocacy.” The Caller says that “Fluke entered Georgetown Law well aware that the school’s insurance plan did not cover contraception, only to spend the next three years lobbying the school to change its policy.” (Liberty’s Lifeline has a similar piece, with additional information.) Fluke thinks that she’s entitled to free contraception. As long as we’re pushing socialized “medicine,” I think anybody who listens to her (especially a politician) is entitled to a free full frontal lobotomy. The benefits to the citizenry would easily make the expense worth it.

Thomas Peters has the goods on Barbara Johnson, the Buddhist gay rights activist who made a stink after being denied Holy Communion for her admitted lesbianism, and who has said she will not be satisfied until Father Marcel Guarnizo is “removed from parish life.” Aside from her homosexuality, the woman is a non-Catholic, literally an apostate, and she complains about being denied Holy Communion and wants to get the priest fired.

When policies and procedures in the State — and, worse, even in the Church and Catholic institutions — can be impacted by the disingenuous and fraudulent testimony of such people, both societies have hit a low water mark.

  • Bjb

    I think I’ll start a campaign to get a Baptist preacher fired, because he cannot offer me the sacrament of the Eucharest.  Just as twisted. 

  • Justin

    Why would she(Johnson) go up for Communion fully knowing she is no longer a Catholic? Aside from the whole lesbian thing this alone ought to vindicate Father Guarnizo. I wonder how long it will be till the State steps in and says that the Church violates “human rights” by excluding non Catholics or even Catholics in mortal sin from Communion? I could certaibly see the State use this as a strategy to attack the Church but by doing so the State proves that it never had any intention of following its own rule of the so called “separation of Church and State”. Obama and his cronies are at least being honest—they want the Church silenced and destroyed unless it tows the party line on homosexuals, fornication, abortion and contraception. 

  • Astrid

    Good page. Restrained, yet appropriately acidic.

  • 1policy

    I take it from comments and the article that Catholics don’t allow a guest in their “church?” A visitor or guest cannot take communion right? Another part of the many Catholic church hypocrisies and why the church breeds so much inner crime and abuse, concealed in dark corners of rigidity and holier-than-thou-pretenses. Care, concern or sensitivity is not a Catholic trait thanks for defining for those of us lucky enough to belong to a kind and inclusive environment. Always thought that was the point of the teachings? At a funeral of all places maybe she wanted to share in something her mother believed. Mom now is turning in her grave over the despicable treatment of her daughter. Probably wanting her money back!

  •  Holy Communion is not a bodily refreshment that it would be rude to deny someone. It is a sacrament of the Catholic Church. There are requisites to receive the sacraments, and the Church has the competency to lay down those requisites. You seem to reduce Father Guarnizo’s act to the equivalent of denying a doughnut to a non-Catholic at the after-Mass coffee hour. I assure you it is not.

    We most certainly DO allow guests in Church.

  • 50gary

    This Fluke controversy has been choreographed better than a Broadway musical.  From the start she performed on cue and said the proper lines.  Her performance was award worthy.  She was the bait I’m surprised Rush Limbaugh took it.  He’s far too experienced but alas he fell for it.  The Catholic Church is being attacked in a systematic way.
    The ground work was laid with the pedophilia charges to prevent the Church from being any sort of moral authority.  We are being demonized by the secularists, it’s Alynsky’s rules for Radicals 101.  This attack will not subside the left feels they are winning and will push their agenda as far as we lets them.  PUSH BACK.
    I came to this site via a BING search question “Is Sandra Fluke a Catholic?”  I’d say not but I would like confirmation.
    BTW, Ipolicy the Catholic Church is open to guests, you are welcome anytime.  True sharing of something special of Barbara Johnson (holy communion) with her Mother would have been remaining a practicing Catholic and thus shared her faith with her Mother while she was still living.  She not only left her faith but a part of her Mother as well.

  • 1Policy

    Father Guarnizo did what the church ordered him to do. But do we know what his attitude was? How about this is a funeral not “church.” The Catholics don’t distinguish between a funeral for a parent and Mass? Or rules?  My GOD! Women in the Catholic church have long been tied to the back of the wagon. So the same to refuse someone black or green from communion. The Catholic church can continue to discriminate all its wants but those who believe in an equal society can choose to go elsewhere for confessions.  To “commune” with those who aim to build a better, kinder society… one without hate based religion. Oh well. One can hope. 

  • I guess we do not know what his “attitude” was. He cannot speak for himself, it seems. The funeral took place in a Catholic Church. Even if it had not, it was a Catholic Mass and the Eucharist is a Catholic Sacrament. No, we Catholic don’t sacrifice that reality to the social conventions that a secularist, who has no regard for Christ’s sacraments, might consider obligatory.

    Your comment about women and the Church is reheated sex-revolution era nonsense. The same blather can be said about any institution that predates 1960, and it’s less true of the Catholic Church than of the others.

  •  Blah, blah, blah, more anti Catholic crap. The Church is among other things, the greatest and largest charity in the world, feeding the hungry, poor, and down trodden for the last 2,000 years and now Ipolicy wants to change the Church. Sorry Ipolicy, The Church doesn’t, and hasn’t changed, and if It didn’t bow to Nero, certainly isn’t bowing to liberals such as you.
    Your your fantasy accusations of “so much inner crime and abuse, concealed in dark corners of rigidity and holier-than-thou-pretenses and laughable too. Do you write Harlequin romance novels? What a descriptive imagination.
    Please do go seek out the “dark corners” of any Catholic soup kitchen in any major city in the US. Go there and tell the people there all about the “inner crime and abuse” while the unwanted of society enjoy something to eat in a loving environment.

  • 1Policy

    I respect your view; all views. Not asking the “church” to change just pointing out the views of the Catholic church here at a funeral. In my opinion this is driven by discrimination and obviously called Catholic. It is truth that Catholic males have abused members of their congregation for 2000+ years but are now getting caught. How the church hated to denounce it’s males. Remember that? Women are set aside in a lower class for .. what was that reason?  Any church can hand out food and blankets on a cold night and call it a higher order of good and righteousness. Jones town gave a sermon with cool aide. Most do, and how the ugly molestations of inequality violate with folks looking away at the free food, given behind the cloak of good deeds. But its mind control and thousands of years of orders for the mindless. Please protect the dangers to society and the killers of our children. Smoke screens are not new but common in religion. The car sales MAN who sells oil leaking cars to seniors at Sunday morning service. Bla. Bla. Church is where we should be able to go for honest, faithful, comfort, to connect with our higher source. We didn’t know many things about violations until the secrets were told. The light shed. Today we have a woman who wanted communion at her mothers funeral. Hate and prejudice has unveiled again Catholic. Protect the evil and hang the woman at a funeral? I’m not signing up for this prayer session. The Catholic church put itself in this situation by concealing and protecting the violators of innocence as Christ vowed his protections. This is not Godly or what GOD told. Now to crucify a woman for having a female partner; you really hate she doesn’t need a man! This is the under belly of your hate. She’s a lesbian big deal. I think she should’ve been a Methodist! We wouldn’t have anything to write about. Keep your Catholic narrow views to protect your secrets but don’t discriminate, its illegal. It’s the only religion remaining beside maybe Muslim that discriminates so deeply. Everyone else evolved! But I am not an expert just Christian and not fundamental….. 

  • GeneDe

     My I Policy, you are a great spokesman for the PARTY.   Ever hear of the black legends?  Ever hear of the Natural Law?   Discriminate?  You bet.   We Catholics “discriminated” long before you were a twinkle in your dad’s eye.  In fact, because of our “discrimination,” 11 MILLION Catholic men, WOMEN, and little children were martyred for refusing to bow to the egalitarianism of the Roman Emperors, i.e., refusing to worship idols, etc.   The Catholic Church is the last barrier to complete hedonism and the new world order.  Abuse?  Sure, but why don’t you talk about the sexual predators in the public schools or maybe in the numerous protestant denominations or perhaps among the rabbinical circles?  Christ came to give us rules to live by and confirmed the same of the Old Testament Scriptures.   The Lamb also told us that those who believe and are Baptized will be saved but those who believe not will be CONDEMNED.   The Lamb said that, not me.  Oh, one more thing.  As for the Church “discriminating” against women… Ever hear of the Mother of Christ?   The Blessed Virgin Mary?   She is held in the highest regard and holds a place of honor above all other saints.   That is why we are called the SLAVES OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.   I pray for Her intercession every day.  Yes, to a WOMAN.   God bless and may you see the light.

  • Astrid

    You seem to be confusing the Catholic Church with the Freemasons, based on your comments. Is there anything in what you say that doesn’t apply to them instead? I can see a few things, but maybe it would be an interesting research project for you to tackle. 

  • schmenz

    Words fail me.