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Sandra Fluke and Barbara Johnson: Two Peas in a Pod

Recently, two activists for sexual depravity have become media darlings. In both cases the Catholic Church was involved. In both cases the activist was professedly opposed to Catholic teaching and worked to advance a contrary agenda. In both cases they were portrayed by the media as victims. In both cases, their actual history as activists for their perverse causes is showing that they are not … More →

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Sandra Fluke: Insurance Must Cover Transgender Mutilation

“Sandra Fluke is not what she is being sold as. Instead she is a liberal activist pushing some rather radical ideas. Keep that in mind as the left holds her up in the spotlight.” So says Stephen Gutowski, who made a discovery about the random Georgetown co-ed who testified on behalf of that new victim class: downtrodden profligates. The discovery Mr. Gutowski made is that… … More →

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