Update on Father Jarecki

Our chaplain, Father Michael Jarecki, is now back home after a three-day hospital stay. He needs more care and attention than he did prior to his recent illness. The brothers, with the help of visiting nurses, are attending to him 24/7. We thank everyone who prayed for him. And he, who has been such an instrument of grace for so many souls, is grateful, too.

  • Mary Anne Sullivan

    Thank you for updating us, Brother Andre. I have been praying for Father Jarecki and the brothers, and will continue to do so.

  • ED

    The likes of priests like Father Jarecki, I pray we will see again. You should do a Q&A with Father Jarecki explaining to us what a anti-modernist seminary was, as St. Bernard’s Seminary in Rochester. It was established after Pope Saint Pius Xth’s call for each diocese to build their own anti- modernist seminary. Unfortunately, following Vatican 2, it has become a feminized/modernist/heretical retreat and learning institute, a complete departure from when Father Jarecki attended it in the late 1930s and early 1940s.