A Beautiful Habsburg Wedding

A grand day for Monarchists, Traditionalists, and — especially — for one beautiful couple who look like they walked out of a story book. An American girl marries the great-grandson of Blessed Karl von Habsburg at Old Saint Mary’s in Washington, D.C. Royals (and Imperials) from around the world come. A bishop sits in choro with other clerics. Gregorian chant. Schubert. And, oh yes, it’s a Traditional Latin Nuptial Mass in the solemn form.

(Rorate Caeli) Miss Kathleen Walker wed Archduke Imre of Austria (Imre Emmanuel Erzherzog von Habsburg-Lorraine, great-grandson of Blessed Karl), with priests using the traditional Latin order of marriage followed by a traditional Latin Solemn High Nuptial Mass in the presence of a bishop.