A Translation of “Mon Chant d’Aujourd’hui”

My life is just one instant,
one passing hour.
My life is just a moment,
that skips and runs away.
You know it my Jesus, for to
love with all my power
I have only today.

Oh! I love you, my Jesus,
my soul to you aspires;
Be here my sweet support
for one short day’s delay;
Come reign in my heart,
fill it all with your fires,
Just for today.

Why do I care, Lord,
if the future be obscure?
To pray for tomorrow?
Oh no I cannot pray.
Cover me with your shadow
preserve my heart pure,
Just for today.

If I think of tomorrow,
my inconstancy I fear;
I feel born in my heart
both sadness and dismay.
But I do desire suffering,
of love the test severe,
Just for today.

Soon must I see you
on heaven’s eternal shore.
O Pilot divine, whose hand
controls the way.
In peace guide my ship,
while tempests around me roar,
Just for today.

Hide me, O Lord, O hide me
with your face;
Spare me the noise of earth,
its vain display.
Give me your love, preserve
me in your grace,
Just for today.

Close to your Heart Divine
secure from the enemy’s dart,
Forgetful of all that happens,
I beg to stay.
Oh! Give me, my Jesus, a
place in your Heart,
Just for today.

O Living Bread, Bread
of heaven, O Eucharist divine
O deepest mystery God’s love
has given away,
Come dwell in my heart,
O White Host and be mine,
Just for today.