The Pilgrimage for Restoration

In this brief Ad Rem, I am reproducing an electronic flyer advertising the Pilgrimage for Restoration. I cannot recommend this wonderful event more strongly. Our religious go to it every year, bringing two brigades of pilgrims from Saint Benedict Center. To make the pilgrimage with either of the SBC-sponsored brigades — Saint Joseph’s for men and boys, and IHM for single ladies and girls — please contact us.

Why should you go? You may be wondering why you should spend time, effort, and, yes, a little money going to such a thing. After all, the economy is bad and things are very tight. To my thinking, this is all the more reason to go. Our country is suffering economically and morally. When the going gets tough, the spiritually tough get going — traditionally, they go on pilgrimages. Think of it as an Old-World solution to our New-World problems. If we want to establish Christendom in America (again), we should act like Christendom-dwellers acted. Pilgrimages were part of the package.

In addition to the NCCL’s ad below, you can read more on their website. You can also read this article I wrote a few years ago on the pilgrimage.

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Reparation for sin. Restoration by grace. Reform of life.

Join the 14th annual “Pilgrimage for Restoration” to the Shrine of Our Lady of the North American Martyrs, Auriesville, New York.

September 23-26, 2009

Check it out at <>.

Walk, sing, pray along the paths, the actual places where the North American Saints lived and died for Christ, for their persecutors, and for you.

Join one day or four — for 7 miles or 70. Transportation for weary pilgrims provided throughout.

‘Modified pilgrimage’ for parents with young children, and for seniors.

Traditional Latin Mass & confessions daily; plenary indulgence.

For more info, including a schedule of events, send your postal address to <[email protected]>.

Register online at <>.

Support NCCL or sponsor pilgrims at <>.

Inquiries? Call the National Coalition 610/435-2634, or e-mail Pilgrimage Director <[email protected]>.

Looking for spiritual adventure, heroic challenge, Catholic fellowship? Bring the family, come with friends! Join Catholics from all over North America and beyond.

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