Blessed Holy Week and Easter!

Our Mancipia for Easter is late this year, but it will yet still arrive in Paschaltide, God willing! I offer for your considerations our Easter meditation from last year. It’s a PDF file whose its contents — at least the Holy Week / Easter thoughts — are still timely.

On behalf of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I extend our fondest wishes for a blessed Triduum and a triumphant Easter!

News Notes

» Notice: Unless something particularly newsworthy happens, we are taking the rest of Holy Week off from our news page.

» Christ the King vs. Brave New Family in Puerto Rico — This is a brief and timely on-site piece provided to us by Father Brian Harrison, O.S., concerning the struggle for the Social Rights of Our Lord in P.R.

» John Rao, D. Phil. Oxon., on Freemasonry, Naturalism, and the Mockery of Catholicism — An eloquent debunking of the liberal debunking of traditional Catholicism. This article offers perhaps some of the most intelligent words yet written in the Catholic media about conspiracy theories and history, from a professor of history with a Doctorate from Oxford University. Many traditionalists need to grow up and rid themselves of silly conspiracy theories. Yet, as the good Doctor shows, Freemasonry is and has been responsible — and often in a covert way — of the undermining of the Catholic Church and Christian social order. His qualifications as an historian and his reference to secular historians make Dr. Rao’s claims highly resistant to the mockery of liberal cynics.

» John Sharpe UpdatesDr. Robert Hickson Defends John Sharpe; “Sharpe Words”: Today’s article in Port Folio Weekly; Stephen Heiner’s Interview with John Sharpe: This interview is dated, but it is worth reading for those interested in the case. Please keep John and his family in your prayers.