Weathering Sodom’s Brimstone Storm

The news keeps coming fast and furious. Some recent samples: While a prominent and highly favored pro-homosexual Jesuit attacks faithful Catholics as “unorthodox” for opposing the sodomite agenda, a priest who opposes that same agenda is hounded by his Archbishop for his “psychiatric” problems. Ireland’s sole surviving seminary is revealed to be a “homosexual cesspool,” while good priests have bogus psych evaluations weaponized against them. Not a day goes by without some disturbing new thing coming to light about the clerical sodomite mafia’s decades-long attack upon the Bride of Christ.

Weather the storm, Catholics! In God’s ineffable providence, you were brought into the Church at this very time and in these very circumstances. Deal with it. Recognize that the will of God is your sanctification here and now. What we are beholding is the very beginning of the hail of brimstone that the ecclesiastical Sodom will have falling on its head. It’s good; it will be painful, but purgative.

Meanwhile, the loyal Catholics must keep our heads on, remain vigilant, stay faithful, and keep certain things as matters of conviction throughout this whole mess. Here are a few of those matters of conviction:

I. When you deny the necessity of the Church for salvation, when you say that God’s one true Church is not necessary for all the poor exiled children of Eve, then you deny that the light of Christ is necessary to dispel the darkness of sin and unbelief. Institutionally (and I speak here of her external structures and her human element only), this is the very reason that the Church has lost her sense of purpose and, to a large extent, her very identity. Sometimes, only a violent chastisement, a persecution, a plague, etc., can wake up lethargic Christians in such times. Preachers in every age have used such occasions to convey that very message: Wake up, Christians! Cast off indifferentism and embrace Catholic truth!

II. We were warned. Various approved apparitions and holy people warned of this kind of thing. Brian Kelly has an article on this very subject on our website. Father Feeney, who is only one of those mentioned in that article, warned that the jettisoning of unpopular doctrines and the heresy of indifferentism would produce horrible corruption inside the Church. He was right, in spades.

III. When churchmen and Catholics in general become slothful and indifferent to their God-given mission to evangelize, embracing instead the man-made and humanist plan of ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, secular progressivist activism, and globalism, they invite a curse upon themselves. God does not bless these endeavors that He never authorized. He did authorize evangelism of all nations, of all peoples. In fact, He commanded it. This dereliction of duty includes the constant repetition for decades now of the lie that the Church has no mission to evangelize the Jewish people. This is a mandate of Jesus Christ Himself, included in the universal mandate to preach to all nations and all creatures, a mandate even the “Doctor of the Gentiles” took quite seriously. The Church is a leaven for the world; it is the salt that lends savor to humanity. But what does the Savior Himself say of salt that loses its savor? “It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men” (Matt. 5:13). It’s treading time. Let us have charity for Jews and Gentiles, the Christian charity that seeks their salvation.

IV. The Homosexual infection of the priesthood is a multifaceted problem. From one angle, the “homoheresy” is the most perfect instrument to undermine Catholic teaching on faith and morals. (For a detailed answer to why that is so, read my brief, “Why Ecclesiastical Homosexualism is Such an Issue.”) From another angle, this crisis is a highly-effective binary weapon: As the homosexuals inside the Church undermined the faith and the priesthood for decades, the anti-Catholic media (the ideological allies of the homosexualists in the Church) use the scandals perpetrated by pervert priests to attack the institution directly from outside. And let us keep repeating it over and over again, this problem is a problem of homosexuals in the clergy. While pedophilia has occurred, it represents a small percentage of the abuse cases, the vast majority of which are cases of homosexual predation pure and simple.

V. Beware of false solutions to a real problem! Priests have long been sent for “counseling” or “therapy” to the purveyors of ineffective and dangerous treatments. Many of these so-called “mental health professionals” are responsible for the pastoral recirculation of abusive perverts in the first place. The point was made above that psychology and psychiatry have been weaponized against good priests. This has been going on for decades, precisely the same decades that witnessed the miserable failure of these therapists and MD’s who advised our bishops to put the priests they healed back in the parishes. Only the priests weren’t healed; they continued their predatory ways. Considering their ineffectiveness in remedying the clerical abuse problems, their serious iatrogenic dangers, and their manipulative use as weapons against good priests, we need to be wary of the psychological and psychiatric fields in general. My two-part interview with Dr. G.C. Dilsaver (part one, part two) is very revealing here about the dangers of the mainstream mental health profession and what the genuine alternative to it is.

VI. The problem is diabolically inspired, no doubt. The genius of the “binary weapon” referred to above is sufficient to indicate the intelligence of fallen angels at work here. However, to affirm the diabolical character of the crisis is not to deny the complete moral responsibility of those guilty of sin: especially the pervert priests themselves. Incredibly, when I have referred to this crisis as “diabolical,” I have had Catholics lecture me about denying moral responsibility. We live in an irrational age when such false dichotomies come so easy to the faithful who should know better.

VII. The answers to the problem are spiritual. Prayer, fasting, penance, the restoration of authentic Catholic doctrine. In other words, tradition is the answer. None of this rules out prudent action within the duties of our state in life. The cardinal virtue of prudence is, after all, necessary for the life of Christian virtue.

VIII. Turn to Our Lady. She is the hammer of heretics and the refuge of sinners! She gave us the spiritual weapons for our times at Fatima. Use them!