Concerning COVID-19: Mad as Hell, Peaceful as Heaven

There is something very revealing about the COVID-19 crisis. This Sino-American bioweapon, apparently not a particularly bad one as bioweapons go, has shown us the depth of the rot in the Church and the State, and not just here in the U.S., but globally.

To be frank, we are being fed a lot of nonsense amid a crisis that is being cleverly stage managed by political hacks, Big Pharma, and a hysteria-pumping mainstream media in overdrive. I am angry — and I believe you should be, too — that evil men are making money off of this, wicked politicians are grabbing up power, and poor people are suffering needlessly (e.g., in India, where the Dalits, who live hand-to-mouth are unable to support themselves).

I am witnessing, in horror, as people I know are having meltdowns over the very manageable threat of this novel corona virus. My friend Gary Potter is right, “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” The evil “gods” who control the levers of power are maddening people beyond measure.

Here in Richmond, New Hampshire, our IHM School has been reduced to a mostly online affair, though some things still get picked up and dropped off in person (don’t worry, it’s all legal!). This is difficult enough with high-school students — I’ve become a digital “pen pal” to my Religion and Rhetoric (!) students — but the challenges are Herculean when it comes to elementary-school children. Our Sisters, ever the industrious ones, are recording lessons and uploading them to YouTube or shuttling them back and forth on thumb drives to parents.

The enterprise of “Digital IHM” has increased the overall workload quite a bit. It is wearying.

The human interaction that is a necessary part of education is missing. And while we teachers can do what we will to work around that, we cannot completely negate its ill effects. Now more than ever, we see the necessity of close cooperation between our teachers and our student’s primary educators, their parents.

Sacramentally and liturgically, we are better off than many. The faithful here, as in so many places, are without the Holy Mass, but we can get to confession fairly regularly, Deo gratias!

But the big picture? It’s all a terrible overreaction, both in the Church and in the State. This is not to deny that this coronavirus kills people. We know that it does, and we know the profile of those vulnerable to it. They should be protected. But the hysterical reaction is causing more harm than good. Economic ruin and social unrest are never the way to handle problems. Quarantining the healthy, who could be carrying on with their daily lives, is not the way we protect the vulnerable.

I am not a numbers cruncher, but many people have crunched the actual numbers on COVID-19 and compared the data to annual Influenza statistics, deaths from heart disease and cancer, and fatalities from automobile accidents. If the reaction were proportional, the highways would be shut down, and we would be practicing “social distancing” and wrecking our economy every flu season. As Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has pointed out, annual deaths from iatrogenic causes (i.e., medical professionals killing people) outpace what we face with COVID-19. He informs us that, in the U.S., about 600,000 people a year die from heart disease, about 550,000 die from cancer, about 440,000 die from medical errors, while another 200,000 (minimum) die from prescription drugs. Add those last two numbers and you get this: more people die from the failure of the modern health system, then from heart disease, then from cancer. And the coronavirus? Supposedly, COVID-19 has caused 4,000 deaths in the U.S. so far. We say “supposedly” because, as Dr. Ayyadurai and others point out, the powers that be are “cooking the books” on the statistics (see the embedded video, below, for an explanation).

The hysteria helps Dr. Fauci and company because their funding depends on it. If it is true that he has connections to the population-control fanatics at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, then the ramifications of his role in this affair are actually terrifying.

Multiple sources narrate the role played by Dr. Fauci in pushing the the failed cancer drug AZT on HIV/AIDS patients while he was head of National Institutes of Health in 1989. It is claimed that he lied about the testing of the drug. In video interviews I have embedded below, both Dr. E. Michael Jones and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai speak in some detail of Fauci’s connection with AZT and the false connection between HIV and AIDS — which latter is caused by a lifestyle, not a virus. Readers may recall that Arthur Ashe, who took AZT, died, while Magic Johnson, who quit taking the drug, is still alive. AZT was a killer, and Dr. Fauci’s fingerprints are on it.

There is a known revolving door between the federal government bureaucracy in charge of drugs and Big Pharma, which at the moment is poised to make a bundle off the coronavirus hysteria.

One of the things that most concerns me is what we are not being told. We are not being educated about the human immune system and how to boost it. Why not? Imagine you made obscene amounts of cash because you are part of Big Pharma. Now imagine that you can manufacture a drug that is said to treat disease x or condition y. Would you want people educated so that their lifestyle choices would render your cash cow unnecessary and unmarketable? If you were a good person, yes; but we’re not talking about good people here.

Imagine, again, that you are a vulture-capitalist member of Big Food (Inc.), and suddenly there comes a heightened consciousness that the sugary, industrialized, processed muck you sell is actually bad for people’s immune systems, among other things. Might be bad for your bottom line, right? Ditto for Big Ag, which is part of Big Food. And because the FDA is corrupt, they look the other way. And don’t expect the DOH, the AMA, the WHO or any other federal or global three-letter acronym gang to come to the rescue. They are all corrupt. 

The bottom-line driven businesses I mentioned above would not make the obscene amounts of cash they do if people ate healthier, locally sourced foods that are part of traditional non-processed diets. It struck me today that one of the “underlying conditions” that makes people vulnerable to COVID-19 is diabetes. Thanks to our modern American diet — compliments of Big Ag and Big Food — diabetes and obesity are extremely common conditions. What is the poor at-risk diabetic to do about the novel coronavirus? Why, get drugs from Big Pharma, of course! It’s a self-perpetuating money-machine for the elites, and with their crony-capitalist connections to government, their racket is quite well protected.

Speaking of following the money trail, whether or not Baron Nathan Mayer Rothchild actually said that the best time to buy is when there’s blood flowing in the streets, the fact is that vulture capitalists have long taken advantage of disasters to make financial killings. Smedley D. Butler was right: war is indeed a racket, and so is almost any high-level exercise in global crisis management, such as what we are now witnessing.

After all the viral dust settles, don’t be surprised at how much money has changed hands.

Regarding the subjects I have treated so far, I strongly recommend to my readers the two videos imbedded below, interviews with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr. E. Michael Jones.

Regarding the rot in the Church, I will say little. What is there to say about Bishops forbidding sacramental confession and the administration of baptism? Canon lawyers can address the legality or lack thereof of such acts (here and here), but is it not obvious that these are the acts of hirelings who have no care for the sheep (cf. John 10:12-13)? Do not priests who deny to the flock the sacraments they need sin gravely?

Plainly, we are seeing modernist chickens coming home to roost.

There is very much to be angry over, and knowing about it is beneficial. We are not pacifists, and pointing accusing fingers at malefactors is something that Jesus and the Apostles did, as a matter of justice and for the good of souls. We have enemies, and should not be naive about the machinations of wicked men. Yet, as Catholics, we must realize that the theological and moral virtues, the gifts of the Holy Ghost, His fruits, and the Beatitudes are not only divine gifts to us but rules for our behavior.

In the words of the Psalmist, “Be angry, and sin not” (Ps. 4:5). Even as we denounce the malevolence of the wicked and the crass incompetence of the inept, let us above all strive for that peace which is a fruit of the Holy Ghost, which Saint Augustine says is the result of the gift of Wisdom perfecting the virtue of Charity.

We can also console ourselves with the fact that God works good out of evil. His Providence for the Church and His elect has foreseen these events. His goodness cannot be frustrated by them, but will, rather, work through them to achieve His ends, no matter how evil men may choose to manufacture, manipulate, and profit from the crisis.

Salvation history is a divine comedy, that is, a story with a happy ending. Pray and be at peace.

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