Catholic America Tour through Midwest, South, and Eastern Seaboard

The Catholic America Tour is planning a road trip, a big one. And we need your help to make it successful.

We will cut a CAT path from New Hampshire to Saint Louis, down to Texas, over to Florida, and up the East Coast back to New England. The tour will take three weeks, leaving New Hampshire on February 10, and getting back home on March 3. Since the tour is “on the road” in the most literal sense, we can arrange stops anywhere along the way.

You can see a Google Map of the route. Keep in mind, this route is not complete. We will make side trips from it if there is demand. Please let me stress: Any place along this route is a potential speaking engagementand we will speak to small groups in private homes, if invited.

To arrange for a stop in your area, all you have to do is supply the venue, provide room and board for two traveling brothers, and get people to come hear the talk. We will provide the rest. The venue can be a parish hall, K of C hall, a room in your town library, or even a decent sized house. You would need to call our office once before beginning these arrangements, to make sure that we can arrive at your destination on the proposed date; and a second time after the plans are finalized, so we can put your event on our travel plans.

And what is the Catholic America Tour? It is a series of speeches given throughout the country, a program meant to inform, motivate, and equip Catholics to be better laborers in the project of converting our Republic to the one true faith. The core of each CAT event is my talk, “Toward a Catholic America: History, Goals, and Methods.” In addition to hearing the presentation, those in attendance can browse books and audio products we will bring along. As part of the event, I would also be interested in fielding questions pertinent to Saint Benedict Center’s apostolate, or various topics of a Catholic interest.

Get in on the action now! Please don’t wait for someone else to bring the tour to your area. Even if the talk is at someone’s house, as long as there is a group to hear our message, the CAT will come.

Call Russell LaPlume for details: 603-239-6485. Or email him:

Check our CAT web site — — for an updated list of locations for this tour. But, again, please do not depend on others: get proactive and arrange something yourself if you can. We depend on local organizers to help us line up talks.