American Pornocracy

The United States have never been Catholic — not in any religious, cultural, or political sense. But there was a semblance of natural-law-inspired decency, coming, perhaps, from those bits of Catholicity left in the religiosity of our fellow countrymen.

It’s vanishing fast.

A drudge of the news, and B.H. Obama’s Twitter status, reveals that the “F word” is now part of the presidential parlance. At the Obama for America site, we see an ad for a $30 T-shirt. The ad reads: “Stand with President Obama by reminding your friends and family that health care reform is still a BFD. Unisex fit. 100 percent cotton. Made in the USA.” For the innocent, the F in BFD is a wirty dird.

What the POTUS displays in his gutter campaign vocabulary, the FLOTUS displays in her dress — or lack thereof. (“That’s a nice dress you’re almost wearing, Mrs. Obama.”)

Mr. Obama also thinks that commercials about little girls and birth control is an appropriate way for him to win an election. And speaking of little girls, don’t forget the time he brought his own daughters into political discourse — again — and said that he didn’t want them “punished with a baby” if they made a “mistake.”

Imagine that: a president of these United States musing out loud, in public, about his daughters fornicating and possibly needing to prevent or murder the normal issue of that act. Depravity.

Sometimes the critics of the Catholic Church accuse her of being “obsessed with sex,” because of her strict moral teachings. The claim is silly on its face. But the enemies of the Church — like B.H. Obama — reveal their own obsession in manifold ways.

From his promotion of Planned Parenthood to his kowtowing support of the Lavender Mafia: It’s a prurient politics, a libidinous statecraft.

And now Obamacare will help fund all this filth. Great. Welcome to the American Pornocracy.