An Update on Br. Francis’ Health

Most friends of Brother Francis are aware that he was taken into the hospital on December 18, 2004, with the symptoms of double pneumonia. What they don’t know is that he was released on December 22 in much better health, and that he has improved steadily since then. His new physical therapy regime now includes two walks; the first is forty-eight yards and includes five stairs, and the second consists of descending and ascending fourteen stairs. He has been coming to the dinner table — which is now located right outside of his room — since the beginning of December. This walk to the table, once very traumatic, has become an easily executed matter of routine. His color has greatly improved since the beginning of this year, and he now participates in conversation at the dinner table. Only a short while ago he was far too weak to read; he now reads anywhere from two to four hours each day. His overall condition is better now than it has been in months, and his physical therapist fully intends that he be able to teach in the school again. While we have not forgotten that Brother is almost ninety-two and will not be with us always, we thank God for his present good health and pray that he may remain with us for a long time yet.