U.S., U.K. to Make Another Anti-Christian Nightmare in Middle East?

It looks like the answer to that is yes. U.S. foreign policy has been dechristianizing that part of the world for years now (think Iraq and Lebanon), and now we’re all primed to smite Syria with our helping hand. From lewrockwell.com:

Western Christians who have been propagandized to believe that the armed rebels represent “the people” must understand one critical thing: if these rebels are successful thousands of Syrian Christians will be murdered by the radical Islamic regime that will take over. And that blood will be on the hands of Western governments that have openly sided with the rebels from the beginning of the uprising. And on the people cheering the bloodbath.

Understand what is coming in Syria if the people who brought us Libya have their way: a bloodbath and Christian genocide. And as Russian warships enter Syrian waters, perhaps the neo-cons and Armageddonists will finally get the World War they have been pining for… God help us all.