The Attack on Marriage Is an Attack on the Church

The attack on marriage and the family is a mystical unfolding of the attack on the exclusive relationship of fidelity between Jesus Christ and His Spouse, the Catholic Church.

Terrestrial marriage — even as a Christian Sacrament — is an image of this greater relationship between the Divine Bridegroom and his mystical Bride, as Saint Paul shows us (Eph. 5:22-33; cf. also, Cant. 6:8 and the way this passage is employed by Pope Boniface VIII in Unam Sanctam).

When the faithful are lied to and assured that Jesus Christ can have “multiple wives” in all the heretical Christian sects (some of whose anniversary is wickedly being celebrated by Catholics now), and that even the unbaptized are “God’s children,” then it is logical and reasonable that Christian marriage cannot be long protected.

This deeper truth concerning marriage and the family does not minimize the pastoral disaster and danger to souls that truly exists in the present crisis, but it does situate the crisis in the broader context of where we stand in history.

Could the mystical connection between the Church and Christian Matrimony lay in the background of Sister Lucy’s words to Cardinal Caffarra regarding marriage and the family being the “decisive issue” in the Church now? That, I cannot say for sure, but I suspect it may be the case.