Attention Keene State College Students

Curious? Would you like to practice your academic freedom of inquiry or be spoon-fed by those with an agenda of illiberal intolerance?

Because of the recent IHM School benefit concert at KSC’s Redfern Arts Center, the work of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has gotten some attention on campus. Students interested in finding out more about us and our work are welcome to learn for yourselves.

You can come to pay us a visit as some KSC students already have. We are happy to meet people, practice hospitality, and explain our work. The following are on-site and off-site resources for your reading:

Our Status in the Church — Lots of information on our status as bona-fide Catholics, including a letter from a competent canon lawyer who knows whereof he speaks. (The canonist’s credentials are given here.)

Are we anti-semitic? No! Read the testimony of Mr. Robert Cohen to find out more. See also On Anti-Semitism, by Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.

Racist? Ludicrous! In the avalanche of false claims about our community, someone was quoted as saying we are racist. This is a utterly false and libelous. Click here for a the picture of our student body that we have had on our site for some time now. Pictured are two African-American students, two students of Arabic (Iraqi) descent, two Sisters of Lebanese descent, as well as students of French, Irish, Austrian, Hungarian, German, and English descent (to give a partial list). Among the religious, we have brothers and sisters of Arabic, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Polish, Irish, and American Indian ancestry, to give an incomplete list. Our office staff includes men of Jewish and American Indian descent. Among worshipers at our Latin Mass have been natives of Argentina, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Lebanon, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Finland, and the Czech Republic. (Many of these are regulars.) Priests from India, Nigeria, Ireland and Uganda have offered the Latin Mass for us. The Catholic Church is “catholic,” i.e., universal. Our little community here is very representative of the Church’s catholicity and ethnic diversity. Racist? Only someone who does not know us could possibly make such an ignorant and baseless claim.

In Response to the Southern Poverty Law Center — Many of the claims recently made about us were either directly or indirectly garnered from the SPLC’s two smear pieces on us. We wrote two replies to the most recent SPLC article, one shorter, one longer.

Nick’s SPLC Information Page — We are not the only ones who have been defamed by the SPLC. This off-site source has links to numerous articles concerning the pro-abortion and anti-Christian organization.

Lou Dobbs on the SPLC (off-site: YouTube) — CNN’s award-winning news host recently gave the Southern Poverty Law Center this lambasting in under two minutes.

Don Feder on the SPLC (off-site) — Mr. Feder is a Jewish writer who was attacked by the SPLC. He called them “Clumsy Smear Masters.” This article is on the site of David Horowitz’ Frontpage Magazine.

Outside the Church there is No Salvation — Does the Church actually teach this doctrine? This link cites infallible sources.

About Our Founder, Father Leonard Feeney — Our founder was a zealous priest whose love for God and man led him to great lengths in his defense of Catholic doctrine and his work for the salvation of souls.

About Brother Francis — Our ninety-four-year-old superior, a philosopher and poet from Lebanon.

About Our Prior, Brother André Marie — Who was interviewed by KSC’s Equinox. See also Brother’s Blog.