Attention Priests! Dr. Wolfgang Smith Wants to Give you Something

The deeply philosophical and Catholic work of Dr. Wolfgang Smith needs to be read, discussed, and diffused as widely as possible, especially in Catholic intellectual circles – most especially within the Catholic presbyterate. The venerable mathematician-philosopher-physicist extraordinaire has just penned a small masterpiece of a booklet entitled, Three Scientistic Heresies, that he wants to put into the hands of as many priests as possible. It is available for free as a PDF download.

While the goal is to get this work into the hands of as many priests as possible, the work was not exclusively written for priests — I have read it; it is excellent! — nor is the free offer exclusively for the clergy. In order to get your free copy, please consult the embedded PDF, below, and click the link on page three (the link is also here, for your convenience).

Click here to download the PDF, “A Letter to Priests and Faithful Laity.”