Attention Richmond Residents: New Blog Addressing SBC / Richmond Issues

On the Feast of Saint Benedict (March 21, 2007), Saint Benedict Center made public a small blog of local interest to the residents of Richmond, New Hampshire. The blog is found here:

Why the blog? In recent months, some criticism against us has resulted from a contentious site-plan review process for a new building on our property. Newspaper, radio, and television stories have resulted, and so has a flurry of unfortunate, untrue, and damaging rumors.

The purpose of our new blog is to respond to criticisms in a positive way, striving, “if it be possible, as much as is in [us], [to] have peace with all men” (Rom. 12:18). We would like to show that our monastery, convent, chapel, and affiliated school are good for Richmond — even should we expand our physical plant to accommodate our modest needs. We love Richmond, and, despite the rhetoric of some critics, we want to keep it rural, green, and friendly — and we also want to make it holy!