Bipartisan Murderers and Warhawks: Our Sanguinary Governing Class

Three opinion pieces came to my attention recently that I’d like to share. One is a piece of comedy on YouTube, but is worth considering because J.P. Sears seems to have some uncommonly good common sense that he translates into the stand-up-philosopher kind of thoughtful humor that intelligent comedians can accomplish when they put their minds to it.

But first, here is Judge Andrew P. Napolitano writing for the Washington Times. He is addressing the unconstitutional, extrajudicial murders authorized by many U.S. Presidents going back to Truman. He agrees, be it noted, with our own Joe Doyle whose Part I and Part II of “An Act of State Terrorism” may be read on this site:

When President Harry Truman targeted Japanese civilians as the Japanese government was within days of surrendering in World War II, he murdered them. Notwithstanding his unprosecuted war crimes, and with the government’s version of Pearl Harbor still fresh in many Americans’ minds, Truman was regarded as heroic for using nuclear bombs to cause the immoral, militarily useless and plainly criminal mass killings of the hated Japanese.

But the good Judge is not only giving us a history lesson about past American presidential atrocities. He brings us up to date:

Mr. Biden — whose drones in 2021 destroyed a dam in Syria, killing thousands, and who targeted civilians in Afghanistan, killing dozens, and whose shipments of guns to Ukraine and Israel are killing tens of thousands of people he wants us to hate — is using unlawful powers that his modern predecessors used and got away with to target and kill people he sees as unsympathetic. But the U.S. has not declared war on Russia or Gaza.

Read the whole piece here…

And speaking of Gaza, an informative piece at The Hill, Israel’s chickens come home to roost, reveals what the governing class of Israel, including Benjamin Netanyahu, were up to in the decades-long lead in to the atrocities currently ongoing in Gaza. The name of the article may at first seem insensitive in light of the events of October 7, but it actually very much hits the mark. It is often innocent civilians who are the casualties of their own governing class’ murderous actions:

The global horror at Hamas’s barbarism against children, women and the elderly, followed by the harrowing images of death and destruction from the Israeli military’s pummeling of Gaza, have obscured an ugly truth: Israel aided the birth of the Frankenstein monster it is now seeking to crush.

In the 1980s, influenced by the CIA’s training and arming of mujahideen (Islamic holy warriors) in Pakistan from multiple countries to fight against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, Israel aided the rise of the Islamist Hamas as a rival to the secular Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah.

The first Intifada that flared in 1987 as a spontaneous protest movement against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands was a wake-up call for Israel. To divide and undermine the nationalist Palestinian movement led by Arafat, Israel lent support to the anti-PLO Hamas, which was formed in the early days of the Intifada under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a quadriplegic and partially blind cleric.

Please read the whole article if you have the time. Many of the mendacious talking points of the Zionist warhawks (in Israel and the US) are completely routed by the facts calmly presented and adequately documented in this piece.

Let us not forget that the U.S. tax payer foots much (if not most) of the bill for these atrocities, and that the funds go right back to U.S. munitions manufacturers (e.g., Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman) who profit from blood and death at the expense of hard-working Americans slowly being impoverished by the deadly grift.

Lastly, as promised, here is J.P. Sears getting away with saying a lot on YouTube:

What’s the answer? How can all this be fixed? It’s not the U.N. It’s not NATO. It’s not the EU, the G7, or any globalist entity that can remedy our ills. Only Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace can bring us peace. The most frightening aspect of these messes that are spinning out of control is that the one institution on earth most qualified to fill the role of peacemaker is presently in her most historically dysfunctional state ever. I speak, of course, of the Catholic Church.

But we know that the gates of Hell will not prevail. That’s a divine promise. It is our sins that have done this, and it is prayer and penance that will bring upon us the Mercy of God which we so badly need.

Let’s get busy storming Heaven.