Brother Mongoose Goes to New Jersey

Our Brothers Louis Marie and Joseph Mary went to New Jersey and Philadelphia this week to do some apostolic work. Among their tasks was a visit to our brethren of the North Star Group, the Federation of North American Explorers group in New Jersey.

A small photo album that our North Star brethren posted on Facebook has some photos of “Brother Mongoose”1 (Brother Louis Marie) speaking to their Timber Wolves. I have posted a couple of those photos below.

FNE is a great program that offers single-gender scouting for both boys and girls, with troops strictly separated along gender lines. This important youth apostolate for our community has boys’ sections with Brother Louis Marie and the Dads as adult leaders, as well as girls’ sections with our Sisters and the Moms as adult leaders. You may learn more about our Explorers program on this website.

Brother Mongoose FNE

Brother Mongoose FNERikki_Tikki_Tavi

  1. Rudyard Kipling’s works played an important role in the stories and ceremonies Lord Baden Powell devised for the Scouting movement he founded. FNE keeps this custom, including using the title, “Akela,” based on a character from the Jungle Books, for a the Timber Wolf leader. As adult leader of our Explorers, Brother Louis Marie took the name “Brother Mongoose.” Not only does he keep moral and literal snakes away from his charges, but he also happens to be fast and wiry — not unlike Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, pictured immediately above.