Catholic Frauds on the Internet

Being a Catholic apostolate set up on the Internet, we have become sitting ducks for some unscrupulous persons seeking their own monetary gain. There are many swindlers in this world, but there is surely a special punishment in the next life for people who fraudulently use the holy names of Jesus and Mary to get money.

We decided to post the names of such phonies in the hopes that people would do Internet searches (as we do) before ever helping them. Having this page here may also help deter such malign individuals from attempting to waste our time and swindle us.

Here is our first entry, which came in from our contact page on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8/2006:

Name: atta boakye
Email: [email protected]

Dear Partner in Mary,

Special greetings from Bishop Atta Kakra Boakye Jnr to you and your dedicated family in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I hope everything is moving on well. Before i list my words in consideration at first lets give thanks to Jesus and Mary who care for us everyday.

The main purposely, i am writing you this brief letter is that, i am Bishop in kumasi and the name of the church is st. Dominic catholic church and we have taken wednesdays and sundays for the days of spread out the good message of Jesus and Mary to villages who do not hear the word of Jesus and Mary and when we finished we try to give them statues of mary,metal rosaries and some catholic prayer big books.

So please, we need you to send us 15 statues of mary, 500 metal rosaries and catholic prayer big books for support our good work we are doing here in Ghana. We pray mary and Jesus will give you strength,wisdom, understanding, love, joy,peace and patience as you continue send us statues of mary,metal rosaries,catholic prayer books and any catholic materials you want to give to us. Please i am ending here with much thanks to you in Jesus name. Amen


We checked. Currently, the real (arch)bishop of Kumasi is Archbishop Peter Kwasi Sarpong and his (only) Auxiliary is Bishop Gabriel Justice Yaw Anokye. This message reads like so many which attempt to take advantage of the charity (and gullibility) of Americans. In this case, it is an effort to fleece people of devotional items which will then be sold to poor Catholics in their own country or perhaps offered on ebay. We will add other known frauds to this page as they come our way.