Catholic Journalists in the Making

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is an important part of the apostolate of Saint Benedict Center. In addition to our religious brothers and sisters, some very talented and zealous lay Catholic educators work with us to form our charges into “loyal subjects of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King and His Queen Mother, educating them as intelligent and virtuous members of the Church Militant, who will take their place in the Church Triumphant,” to cite our school handbook.

Aside from teaching High School Religion, I am offering a class this year in Journalistic Writing. Nearing the end of the first quarter, the students now have something to show for themselves, and I am happy to take the liberty of introducing our to my budding young writers, whose first “big” assignment was to cover the recent Saint Benedict Center Conference.

So, with any further adieu, I present you with the humble beginnings of the IHM Observer:

In the coming weeks, I expect some feature articles to populate the new site, but we will not rush the young scholars. These things take time.