Catholic Restoration Conference VIII: Sept. 11-13 in D.C.

This conference is NOT about the crisis in the Church, but about the crisis in the world because it’s NOT Catholic.

ISOC invites you to experience the third in the series of Rebuilding Christendom conferences dedicated to traditional Catholic Social Teachings:

With special emphasis on the writings of Father Joseph Casper Husslein (about whom see this and this), a visionary who labored all his life to guarantee justice and opportunity for all men within the framework of their faith;

With special emphasis on Fr. Husslein’s concepts of the layman’s responsibilities; the layman as the Church’s “grip” on the temporal order;

With 11 experts in their fields speaking on topics that open minds to a Catholic World view.

Join us and get the unvarnished truth on this holy weekend of the feast of the “Most Holy Name of Mary.”

Penetrating the Temporal, Secular, Profane World with the Truth of Christ