Conference Tapes and CD’s Now Available!

“Conforming our Minds to Reality: Truth, History, and the Present State of Affairs.” Our 2007 Saint Benedict Center conference went very well. Whether you were there or not, now you can profit from the weekend’s wonderful talks in your own car or home, on Tape or CD.

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There were fourteen talks stretched out over the four-day schedule of our conference. These deliveries covered a wide range of Catholic themes. There was theology, philosophy, history of the Church, Marian exigesis, inspirational exhortation, polemics, apologetics, Church discipline, and even an introduction to the Byzantine Rite’s spiritual treasury. Keeping to the theme of conforming the mind to reality, while one speaker presented a cursory history of Mohammedanism’s onslaught against Christendom, others sang the praises of higher chivalry and Catholic joy. The topics covered the gamut of Catholic erudition, which all adds up to a treasure trove of wisdom.

The Talks

Open House:
Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.
Crusade Update

Dr. Donald Traub
Knowledge, Science and Wisdom; Boethius, St. Thomas, and the Development of an Orthodox Roman Catholic Conscience

Upton Savoie, Esquire
The Joy of Being Catholic

Mr. Jack Kenny
The Catholic Challenge for the 21st Century: Turning the World Upside Down

Annual Conference:
Mr. Gary Potter
Charles V, Father of Europe

Dr. Robert Hickson
Sloth, Disillusionment, and the Higher Chivalry: Evelyn Waugh’s Elegiac Sword of Honor Trilogy

Mr. Gregory Lloyd
Light from the East: Spiritual Paternity, Key of Restoration

Mr. John Sharpe
The Triumph of the Catholic Cause: On Trust, Providence, and Action

Dr. Raymond Marcin
The Oath Against Modernism and the Present State of Affairs

Rev. Brian Harrison
Can an Implicit Faith in Christ Be Sufficient for Salvation?

Mr. C. Joseph Doyle
Christendom and Its Enemies

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.
The Magisterium on the Magisterium: Contributions to a Constructive Critique of the Council

Mr. Brian Kelly
The Magnificat: Hymn of the Incarnation

Br. Lawrence Mary, M.I.C.M., Tert.
Criminalizing the Good Guys