Croatian Priest Defies COVID-19 Lockdown

In this interview Dr. E. Michael Jones speaks with Toni Katunar from Croatia to discuss how a Catholic Priest stood up against the Coronavirus Lockdown and opened his church in spite of the government’s stay-at-home orders.

We need more such resistance to the coronavirus nanny state!

According to this unsympathetic report, the priest’s name is Don Josip Delaš. Note: According to Toni Katunar, the episode was politicized. It seems unlikely to me that Father Delaš was himself involved in promoting any Ustasa sentiments, or the accompanying antics of the protestors.

A warning to Americans unacquainted with Croatia’s history in the twentieth century: Be careful trying to sort out the good guys from the bad guys in Croatian politics, especially if the reports come from the leftist media!