Dr. G.C. Dilsaver to Give Talks on Faith and Family in Cincinnati Area Next Week

“A Father’s Fight for Faith and Family”

For more information, see the website of The Oratory of Saints Philomena and Cecilia.

Friday Evening, December 4th
Pre-Conference 7:30 to 9:00 PM at St. Anthony, Morris, IN
Holy Matrimony: The Primary Christian Witness of the 21st Century.
Topics: A Husband’s Sacrificial Headship and Devotion; A Wife’s Liberating Submission and Encouragement; The Courage to Love and the Love needed for Courage; A Woman’s Place; A Man’s Duty; Celebrating Gender Distinction.

Saturday December 5th
Start your day with mass at either:
Sts. Philomena and Ceclia at 7:30 AM OR St. Anthony of Padua at 8:00 AM

Registration 8:45 AM at St. Anthony, Morris, IN

Conference One 9:30 AM
A Father’s Brandishing of the Kingly Scepter fighting on the Natural and National Fronts.
Topics: Familial Patriarchy; Gender; Subsidiarity; Nationalism; Piety; Patriotism; Catholic Counterculturism; the Virtue of Poverty and the Duty of Providing.

Rosary/Lunch/Fellowship 10:45 AM

Conference Two 12:30 PM
A Father’s Embracing of the Priestly Cross fighting on the Personal and Familial Fronts.
Topics: courage, self-abnegation, humiliation, love, The Virtue of Chastity and the Duty of Protecting

Sign-ups: 1:45 PM
Coepiscopi Groups.
The essential follow-through banding together in the common cause and specific common causes.

Conference Three 2:30 PM
A Father’s wielding of the Prophetic Crosier in the fight on the Cultural & Ecclesial Fronts.
Topics: Informed Catholic Conscience, Clericalism, Traditionalism, Liturgicalism, Coepiscopism, Lay Competencies.

Prayer/Blessing/Adjournment 4:00 PM