Dr. Ralph Martin on the Current State of Ecclesial Revolution

The video immediately below is valuable for at least two reasons: (1) Dr. Martin gives a brief and stunning digest of current events, outlining the trajectory of the expedited drift away from perennial Catholic faith and morals in the highest echelons of the Church. (2) Dr. Martin himself, who cannot be accused of being a “radical traditionalist,” is making the same objections that traditionalists are making to this revolutionary movement.

As a professor at Detroit’s Sacred Heart Seminary, and a contributor to Catholic Answers, Dr. Martin is very much in the ecclesiastical “mainstream.”

At certain points in the video, his monologue becomes a very moving cri de cœur from a man of some gravitas who seems not particularly given to hyperbole.

He came out with a part two, assuring his viewership that he is not discouraged and that they should not be either.

While Dr. Martin and we are not on the same page on “no salvation outside the Church,” his position is far less radical that that of Bishop Barron, whom he gently criticizes here: