‘Eurabia’ Demographics a Myth?

The common view of matters demographic in Europe is that Europeans will become vastly outnumbered by Moslem immigrants on their own continent. That view is being challenged by an American scholar, Philip Jenkins, whose argument is resonating by some in Europe.

Sandro Magister takes note of Jenkins’ argument, and makes some commentary of his own while introducing an article on the subject written by Jenkins for the journal of the Catholic University of Milan, Vita e Pensiero.

Writes Magister, “Algeria now has the same birth rate as Norway. Tunisia that of France. Demographics is reversing the scenario of an Islamized Europe. Philip Jenkins explains how and why.”

Here is the first paragraph of Jenkins’ piece:


by Philip Jenkins

A revolution is sweeping North Africa and the Middle East. No, not the one you’ve been hearing about in the media — all the protests against dictatorship and oppression, in Egypt and Tunisia, and most violently, in Libya. The revolution I’m referring to certainly affects all those countries, profoundly, but its effects promise to outlast any change of regime, or even any new constitutions. Barely noticed by the West, many Muslim societies are experiencing a demographic transformation that is going to make them look far more European: more stable, more open to women’s rights and above all, more secular. That change underlies all the current political upsurges.

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