Father Hector Bolduc, RIP

We ask our tertiaries, friends, and benefactors to keep Father Hector Bolduc in your prayers. Father Bolduc was a long-time friend of Saint Benedict Center. It was he who arranged the meeting in St. Mary’s, Kansas between Brother Francis and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1980. He was, at the time, a priest of the Society of Saint Pius X.

Father Bolduc was a hard-working priest who was most self sacrificing in the administration of the sacraments. He was also a good friend, and took criticism for his championing of extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Father Bolduc had stage four cancer. His death is no surprise. A tertiary of ours in Wisconsin wrote us this morning: “Father Bolduc didn’t show up for Mass this morning and, when someone checked on him, they found that he pad passed away some time during the night in his sleep.  Please pray at least one Ave Maria for the repose of the soul of this great man.”

Fr. Hector Bolduc with Archbishop Lefebvre

Fr. Hector Bolduc, as SSPX Southwest District Superior, with Archbishop Lefebvre at St. Vincent de Paul Church in 1981