Father Leonard Feeney Smeared

Well into the cyber age, few people are safe in matters concerning their reputation. The flow of digital traffic is impressive — and very useful — but road rage abounds on the information superhighway as civility and common decency (nevermind Christian virtue) tend to break down in society at large. So people get into “Wiki Wars” to save their own, or their organization’s, reputations. People snipe at each other from deeply entrenched blogs. Various discussion forums provide easy opportunities to cut and paste bilious binary text weapons that could ruin someone for life.

It’s like playing video games, only with real people.

It’s no surprise that those who don’t believe “no salvation outside the Church” will attack our Founder, Father Feeney. He was always the foe of the liberal, the neo-modernist, the progressivist. But not all the smearing comes from the quarters of neo-modernist Catholics. There are some pretending to guard the values of Western Civilization, who have put Father Feeney up as their champion, but whose agenda is far from Catholic, far from authentically “Feeneyite.”

“Father Feeney Online” and “The Father Feeney Archive” are two repositories of this more subtle kind of smear. These sites, touting vulgar anti-Semitism, racism, and other malign causes, could lead the uninformed to think that Father Feeney and his disciples are just the kind of bigots that the secularists at the SPLC say we are. For this reason, we posted a disclaimer on our site.