Fr. John Hardon: On Doctrinal & Moral Disorders, Part II

In this second and final portion of Jesuit Father John Hardon’s confidential June 1990 Commentaries to Archbishop Schotte and Father von Schönborn concerning the “Revised Draft” of the proposed new Catechism of the Catholic Church, we propose to present in Father Hardon’s own lucid words his comparably deepening analysis of the “Revised Draft.” If our selection from pages 4-68 of the Dossier now engages further interest, we would hope to publish the entire historic Dossier somehow, Deo volente.

Even for those who have already read Part I of this two-part presentation, we should remember how Father Hardon has entitled his own private Commentary:

Basic Reservations on the Revised Draft of the Catechism For The Universal Church [sic] — The Ten Basic Reservations were personally submitted to Archbishop Jan Schotte, secretary of the Synod of Bishops, and also discussed with Rev. Christoph von Schonborn [sic], editor of the Catechism for the Universal Church. (pages 1-2)

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