German Priest: Traditional Mass is the ‘Mass of Tomorrow’

( / trans., The Eponymous Flower) Excerpt…

Fr. [Hendrick] Jolie [of the German “Priest Network”] was asked how he priestly soul can be relighted.

His answer: “Priesthood and the offering of Sacrifice go together.”

The obedience of the priest is shown above all in the offering of the Sacrifice of the Mass:

“How will they show the obedience of Christ in the ritual, if they are at the same time narcissitically attempting ever newer gimmicks?”

For him the Old Rite is an outstanding school of obedience: “The priest opens himself in the requirements of this Rite to be stamped in a certain way, which is completely alien in the new Rite.”

Fr. Jolie did not experience the Old Rite in his childhood for long.

Because: “after I had learned this Rite and celebrated my “First Mass” in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, a feeling gripped me of homecoming.”

Fr. Jolie also explained the reactions of his Parish:

Afterward: “People from my community, who are not liturgically educated and therefore don’t know that the pre-Conciliar Rite is supposed to be ‘evil’, speak of the old Mass in the meantime with complete naivete as the ‘proper Mass.'”

The Clergyman isn’t too concerned about his reputation:

“May be, some think of me as crazy, but according to my clear understanding the Old Mass is necessary for the healing of the Church.”

Then he cited the Priest Rodhaudt from Aachen: “The old Mass is the Mass of tomorrow, because without it there won’t be another morning.”