Going on Pilgrimage!

The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are going on pilgrimage. The Brothers and Sisters are leaving in a little while for Lake George, New York, to rendezvous with other pilgrims coming from near and far for the twenty-fourth annual Pilgrimage for Restoration, which begins its three-day, sixty-five mile trek from Lake George to Auriesville on Friday morning.

Daily Solemn Masses, praying, meditating, singing, and helping each other limp along. That’s what we will be doing till the closing Mass on Sunday afternoon at the Martyr’s Shrine at Auriesville.

All tertiaries, friends, and benefactors will be in our prayers along the way.

If you don’t know what a pilgrimage is, see this article and learn about the method to our madness.

The Brothers on Pilgrimage in Auriesville, New York: The Saint Joseph Brigade. Photo from last year.