Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg: Noble, Royal Victim of ‘Progress’

We reported earlier on the supposed “constitutional crisis” that occasioned progressivists in Luxembourg to call for the removal of Grand Duke Henri’s powers as that nation’s monarch. Writing for The Remnant, Brian McCall tells us that the liberals had their way on March 12. Grand Duke Henri went out in royal style. He stayed true to his Catholic principles and refused to rubber stamp evil legislation decriminalizing euthanasia.

Says McCall:

In lieu of tossing flowers to the Grand Duke as he makes his final bow on the decaying ruins of the theater of Christendom, I suggest all Remnant readers instead offer a rosary for His Highness that God, whose divine law leaves no good deed unrewarded and no evil deed unpunished, will bless him for his courage. While you are doing that, perhaps you can utter a prayer for the tiny population of Luxembourg who are now defenseless against the enactment of euthanasia laws and all the other gruesome ordinances of 21st Century Liberalism.